To start off, I always find myself coming back to blogger. I have tried to make a website, and I would have said that the tech brothers website was kind of well organized. But I like blogging better than keeping a website up. Its a great way to keep all the information organized, and have a steady stream of post going on, and it is a set UI that some regular blogger visitors will easily understand. I don’t like to have people rely on me, and me building a website the way I like it, will be different than the way other people will like it. With blogger, there is somewhat of a set way it looks. All I do is change the background. Especially with the dynamic looks. It’s all the same, and simple to use. So… What Why did I start this blog?

I started this as another way to get information to the world, and for me to have something to do at times. I recently joined a engineering club at my school. We build things, we learn how robots work, soon we will build our own Android App. I’m really looking forward to that. Periodically throughout the time we are in the club as we complete levels, we make a video of our progress, and later the teacher will look over it. I can make videos with my iPhone, and post them on Youtube and come back and blog about it. Link the videos I made with the levels I completed, and I can review my mistakes and highlights with the things I did in the club. I also have a friend that also joined with me. We work together on each thing we work on. With this blog, I hope to do myself more good than getting more information out there. I think this is critical because in the passed, I tried to make blogs for other people, and that just didn’t work. About 800 people read my last blog, and still, I knew people read them, just that, I wasn’t writing them for myself. And that is what this blog is going to be about. For me to write about engineering. Because that is the field I would love to go into when I start me career.

Please subscribe to this blog. I will post regularly.


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