iPhone 5 (My Expectations)

I am currently on the iPhone 3GS. This phone came out in 2009, and still works like it did in 2009, and can run the latest software. That is something I really like about Apple. Something that old works just like the rest of their devices, so if I were to pick up the newest iPhone 4S, or the New iPad, I will know exactly how it work.
Recently I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I absolutely love this tablet, but to be honest, I really have nothing to compare it to, because I never owned a iPad, or any other Tablet before. At times web browsing does crash on the tablet, which annoys me because it will restart me fresh with new tabs, and if I was doing something, then it would be gone. Back on topic, I’m getting off.

But the point I am getting to is that as much as I am loving my Android tablet, and Android in general, for my iPhone I think I might want to stay with iOS for my mobile phone. But to be honest, the iPhone 4S is not much of an upgrade form the iPhone 4. It has some things better, but not revolutionary better. I have listed my expectations for me (M.E.) to stick with iOS and not switch to Android for my phone.

At Least 4.0 IN Screen
To me, the iPhone 3GS screen is not big enough. I do web browsing at times, I like to play games, and with a tiny 3.5 in screen, it’s not that much fun to play on them. Especially when my main gaming machine is my Galaxy Tab 10.1, it’s almost tripling the size of my iPhone. Making the screen bigger will make web browsing better a little, gaming better, and possibly reading better too. I like to read, and my Galaxy Tab 10.1 is good for reading, but with the big display, it makes it harder because I have more to look at. But, if it is too small, then it is too hard, or you might find yourself reading too little at a time, and that you have to flip too many pages just to get to one page read. The Samsung Galaxy S II, which my brother had, seems like a great device to read on, or even the Note. But, I do not believe that the next iPhone needs to go all out to be that big. But needs to be a bit bigger.
A New Sleek Better Design
I almost know that this is a going to happen with the next iPhone. With the new number there comes a new design ever time. Notice? iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS – same design. iPhone 4, iPhone 4S – same design. I bet that with the next two generations of iPhones, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5S, (If that still keep the numbers, because they got rid of them with the iPad) they will have the same design. Which means that I am expecting that this is already going to happen.
Excellent Battery
As when the iPhone 4S came out, Apple needed an iOS update to fix the terrible problem with the battery. On my iPhone 3GS, I find that if I want to save battery, I just have to not use the phone. I have to make sure no notifications are on, no badges are on, Wi-Fi is turned off, brightness is WAY down. To me, this is stupid. Basically to the people who have a lot to do in one day, should not get this because they will have to charge their phone two to three times a day. I am an average user, I listen to Pandora, I text, I tweet, play some games like draw something, and by one third of my day, my battery is below 30%. From a full charge. Now, if I actually had something to do on my iPhone, with many phone calls, and music, and things people actually do, then this would not be good for me. I would get that Motorola Droid (All Day, All night) phone. 
I would need to have a better battery, so I can do more.
That is some of the things that I hope to get in the next iPhone. Of course, I still want Siri. But these are some things that are a must for me. Feel free to agree or disagree. Let me know in the comments, and shout YAY for my first post. More are to come. Videos are to come too. Engineering will come too. One post a week for each time I attend with the videos I made on my iPhone. Stories hopefully to come too, but those are more for videos and my opinions. So…..

One thought on “iPhone 5 (My Expectations)

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