My Experience When Windows 7 Failed To Boot

For starters, I am not much of a Microsoft fan. because some of their products just don’t live to the potential that they should. I would also like to point out; I actually do like Windows 7. Just sometimes it frustrates me because it is not working the way I want it to. My experiences, about 2 days ago, were just at the peek of me just saying “Screw Windows 7, I’m getting a Mac.” But I worked around Windows with all the troubleshooting and it is working fine now. But still considering a Mac.

Two days ago when I tried to go on my laptop, very basic laptop. It’s not a power horse at all, but for basic computing, web browsing, the computer is just fine. I got to log on, and get to my original desktop but after it got there, it did not start up any of the start up applications. These would be the Skype, Google Talk, and Speech Recognition. I would say that Windows only booted about halfway. I moved my mouse to the start menu, and that blue circle thing came up. Which means that it is loading. By this time, it has been doing this for about five minutes, and that is not normal for my computer to do this. Usually it takes forty-five seconds to boot up, and then I can go onto my web browsing. So, I thought, I should just re-start my computer. So, I tried to get to task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This did not work, and a message came up telling me that something went wrong during boot up, and that my computer needs to be re-started. But sense I could not shut down the computer any proper way, I had to force it to shut down. This was the first time I had done this on my computer. I don’t like doing this, because I think that sometime that some of the components in the computer might get screwed up if you do this.

After I rebooted up the computer, I tried to get back into Windows 7, and this time the computer went to a black screen, and failed to even get to my desktop. I then again forced the shutdown, and went to just use the Linux operating system that I have on my computer. I was a bit interested in Linux a while before. so I am glade I installed that OS on my computer.
While I was on that operating system, I knew that it was not my Hard Drive that was failing. Just a basic common sense that if Windows did not work, but Linux did, it was the operating system that was failing. Not the Hard Drive.

Actually one of my friends on Xbox, he is taking a computer science class in College, right now on his second semester, he told me that it was my hard drive, or I had too much process on my computer, but I did not think that it was. I was not doing much on my computer at that time. There were many times where my computer has ran much more. Linux worked, so it was most likely that the operating system failing. And it was.

While on Linux, I just did the basic things that I would have done on my Windows OS. It is just basic Google Chrome Internet browsing. Nothing too much. While on that, I submitted a question to and asked what they thought of the OS just giving out like that. There was not much on my question, but during that time, the Email news letter I am subscriber to by Lockergnome I was sent, and story was shared that caught my interest. The story was about how a user made the wrong Administrator password on his shiny brand new laptop, and he could not get onto the computer because he made a password by mistake. Therefore, that person could not log on. He took it somewhere and they tried to hack into the account. (With the users permission) to gain access to the account so he can change a his password and use his new computer. Turns out that something went wrong, and he took it back and got a new laptop. Full story here.

The next day, I tried it again, trying to troubleshoot the problem, because the night before, I did not want to do so. I started up my computer, and selected Windows 7. I went into safe mode, to run another scan before I went to start it normally. Nothing was detected and I went to restart my computer. Lucky for me, Windows started with a full boot, but did take a lot longer than usual. So, I knew that I had to clean something on my computer. My internet security says there is nothing attacking the computer, but there may have been something wrong on Windows’s part. Maybe with one of the files. I’m not sure. I know that defragmenting the hard drive cleans the computer and overall makes the system performance better on the computer. So this is what I did. I did a defragment, and my computer is running better. So, maybe the lesson here is to: “Drfragment your hard drive at least once every two weeks.” It really does help.


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