My First Tablet 1st Post

I have recently bought a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 from amazon for 350.98. I have been wanting a tablet for a long time now going on a few months and yesterday I came to the conclusion that it was time to stop saying I wanted one and just buy it, because I had the money. I was originally saving up to buy a Mac, but the thought came to me that I have no use for a Mac right now. My pc is doing everything I new it too. So, now might ask, “then why but a tablet?” to answer that I’m not so sure. I just really wanted one to be way more in tune with google an do that I can get used to the android. Also, because I am getting more into blogging and reading and on a tiny iPhone screed reading and typing is annoying that heck out of me!! (as I am writing this post out now). Blogger has to be better on a android then it is on ios. iOS does not support landscape which sucks, especially for a tiny screen like the iPhone.
I also decided to get the 10.1 over the 7 in because i intend to use it for movies and web browsing. Now I know that this tablet will not completely replace my laptop computer. But I thought it would be nice to have.
Now there are a few things that I really looking forward to in this tablet. I have not yet received it because it is still on transaction on amazon as I said earlier. One thing I am looking forward to is reading with google books. I like a nice display that is bigger than 3.5 inches like the iPhone. Reading on that small of a screen with the little text is bad for my eyes. Now, I was considering getting a Story HD iRiver but all the does is read and I intend to use this for more than reading.
Another thing I am looking forward to is the news app. iOS does not have a news app for it, but I do believe that android does have a news app. The reason I am interested in a news app is because I am very interested in technology and I don’t like reading on computer screens. Especially for Long articles or books. Getting the latest news on my tablet is actually what for some extent that tablets were created for. Also, this is just a little dream I mine, I kind of want to on my YouTube channel start up a tech channel, and report some tech news as a hobby. Now, I’m not sure if this will work, because I have literally the most boring voice ever, and I tend l get off topic sometimes, but it might be fun.
The last reason I got this tablet was so that I can explore the android world. I am a huge google fan, an I feel that with the recent release with google play, I am missing a big part of google. So, this tablet can in a way, give me a way to live my full potential with google.

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