My First Tablet Post 2

I have finally recieved my first tablet. And I couldn’t be happier.
I chose my first tablet to be a Android tablet because I already had an iPhone, and I was feeling that it was getting boring, and I wanted to learn something new. So, that is why I chose the Galaxy Tab 10.1 over the iPad. Now, I don’t have anything against the iPad, just I wanted something new. And Android was new to me.
I received this tablet very fast, and I would like to thank the store that I bought it off of on Amazon, for giving me a good deal, and very fast shipping. Yesterday morning, I saw that the tablet was in New York, New York, when I was in school later that day about 4 hours earlier, I check it again, and I found out that it was in New Jersey. Then when I came home from school, I checked it again, and saw that it was in Ohio, and later that night I saw that it was in Chicago, and then this morning, I was out of Chicago and was shipping to my home address. So, that is about 800 miles in 1 day. So, I am extremely satisfied with the seller, it came a day early, which I am very happy for, because I was just so eager to get this tablet. And now I got it!!!
So, now that I only had if for about 4 hours, I want to share a little about it. This is not a full review, because I did not have any time to acually play around with it for a long time, but just some of my thoughts on the tablet so far.
So, if you are looking for a tablet, you might want to consider getting this one. It has a very big screen, perfect for many things like gaming, web browsing, movies, even reading. I like to read, and a tablet is a good device to read on. Not the best, because dedicated E Ink Readers are better for that for less eye strain, but if you are a light reader, and read for no longer than 30 minutes at a time, then this is great for reading books. If you are a heavy reader, and read hours at a time, then you might want to consider an ereader.
There are many great things I see in this tablet. It’s got a great display, really good apps, its Google, and I love Google. Many of the apps that I use on my iPhone are cross platformed with Android too, whic means it is on both android and ios. Things like Pandora, Fruit ninja, over kill, draw something. All on a bigger display.
I have been doing a bit of web browsing on the tablet, but in my opinion, it is in no way to take over a laptop computer. Some websites still have not fully evolved into mobile versions, including this website I’m writing this blog on. So, I’m goting to try to get the mobile version for this website, so I can at least go on this website.
I have not found any const with the tablet. The little thing is that the screen does not feel like glass. Now, most likely it is a really good plastic, which is good because it makes it more durrable, but it sure does get full of fingerprints fast.
I will most likely come out with another post on this tablet, as I want to be as active as I can be on Youtube and this website to keep content going.


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