While I was on today I came across this question about websites that will sell you these social media numbers. Now in my opinion, this is a big scam because even though you get something out of it, you really are not getting anything for it. Sort of like you are getting a bit of both. Let me explain.

I will use Youtube Subscribers as an example. I also made a post about this in the question above on, so, feel free to check that out.
A while ago I was browsing on and I just had the thought of “Can I buy subscribers on Youtube” Sure enough that it turns out that you can buy them. Then I went on Youtube to do my research to see how other customers who bought these turned out. Many of them were mad that they did it, because even though that they had a high amount of people subscribed to them. Not a single one of them even watched the content that the made. Not only that, the accounts that did subscribe, were not real accounts. More or likely that they were robots. All of the accounts that were subscribed, had one specific name. Let’s use, subscriber. Subscriber is the base, and all accounts after that are just a number. So, if someone bought 50,000 subscribers. All they really bought was one guy, controlling 50,000 accounts, tell one account to subscribe 50,000 times to one channel. All the accounts name is just subscriber (1-50,000). It seriously takes him 2 minutes of his time to make however much he wants to sell subscribers to.

When you buy subscribers, you are really just buying robots for numbers. None of the accounts will ever see your content, because the accounts are not owned by a person who actively uses the account. They are just dead accounts. And who really wants a dead account?
Another thing about this is the Youtube team at Google is talking a good approach at this matter, and they are deleting inactive accounts on Youtube. Have you noticed that your subscriber number is going down? Mine went down 13. This is happening because Youtube deletes accounts that have not been used at all in about 6 months to a years time. I believe this is a good thing because subscribers are suppose to be the number of people who are interested in your content. Not just a number.

As for Plus Ones and likes, and followers on twitter, it is the same thing. You can have a billion people who follow you on twitter, but will they ever check what you tweet? Will they ever retweet your tweet? No, because they are just dead accounts, and someone made to make some money off of.
Same thing for likes and plus ones. They are all dead accounts, and they will never care to even see what you actually produce. This is all a scam.

Even if you are a person that can accept this, and you just want a high number, still don’t do this. Why, well I’m not sure if it is legal or not, but it is just a waste of money. Sooner or later, the bigger company who owns the website, (ex Google owns Youtube) will figure out about this, and they will put a stop to it. Just like they have been doing.


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