Developing an Android App

Yesterday I stared to develop my first android app. I found this website through my school engineering club that there is the program that northwestern university has I guess partnered with Google where students can develop their own app. I am vlogging my progress as I build the app I make. So far I made it through the tutorial yesterday. Which took me a while because I was doing many other things too, like trying to get another operating system on my computer, and making french onion dip. Yeah, sort of ADD I have because I can’t focuce on one thing, I have to be doing many other things too. But I can fix that. Any way, I’ll tell what it was like.

From the start, in school yesterday my friend Cole told me that the app inventor was ready from the engineering club we went to the week before. I looked at it and saw that there is a file needed to download, which is the blocks that you use to build the logic, (or commands) of the app. You use this for the vertuial phone, (or you an use your own phone). That is one of the fun parts of the building apps in this way, when using the logic it is like putting a puzzle together. You have to know what pieces fit where, and what will make one thing do another.

When I downloaded the file and went to the next page, they directed me to another page where I saw there was a tutorial video of the first app I was going to build. Which is like the simples app to make. You push a button, and it makes a sound. And that’s it. I had to get my own file (using audacity) to get the sound, and I used my own picture of my cat, (who passed about 2 years ago) for the picture to make the sound. Simply when I dragged a label and a button command to the viewing area I labeled the text to display what I wanted, and I put in the sound with the file I uploaded, and I put it together in the app logic, and connected it to my virtual android phone (because I only have a android tablet, which I am using to type this up now) and there it was. Once I connected it it just popped up on the screen.

But I saw that the picture was too small, so I went back to the designer, and I changed the pixels from 50 to 100, doubling the size of the image for the emmulator (which is the virtual phone). There it popped and it just came out just the way it was suppose to. I then documented it using my iPhone and that is why I don’t have a video at the time I am writing this blog post. 

Turns out that I can’t yet take a video that I out on Google drive on my tablet, and edit the video on my tablet. Or I have not figured it out yet. What I want to do is record a video on my iPhone, (Google drive is coming for ios soon too) and put the video in Google drive, and open it up on my tablet to then edit videos on my tablet. I love my tablet, and I would like to edit videos everywhere I go, from anywhere in my house to school to Michigan, to Australia. When I go there. Becauseim not going to bring a expensive computer where ever I go. A nice and light tablet will do just fine. Though it is more the experience that counts. Hopefully there is some way I can access a Google drive file from a video editor on my tablet, if you know let me now. But in the mean time, it will take more time to get videos up because I have to edit them at home, instead of school where I spend most of my time.


2 thoughts on “Developing an Android App

  1. Amazing Post!I love it. Will come back again – taking your feeds also.Thanks.iCaption That

  2. Thank you for the comment. I'm happy to post more about developing android apps.

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