How to get more views on Youtube

I know that this is a common question around the web. I am freely open to share my ideas with the work on how I believe to get more views on your YouTube videos.  There are many way to earn viewers for your videos and in this post I state them. But please know that this post will be different than subscrobers. Viewers and subscribers are both different, and depending on your goal towards one of them, can be bit a challenge. Getting viewers is much easier, and subscribers is much harder. 

Be Active.
Being active on YouTube is critical. Unless you are huge on YouTube like nigahiga (who only makes like 1-2 videos a month) you won’t be successful. Activity is huge. Depending on what you want to do, and the subject you are on (comedy, skits, tech, blog, ect.) You need to make a schedule for yourself that is a decent a mount of content. I try to make at least 3-5 videos a week. But some channels can be more active, and some can be less. Make a schedule for yourself.

Upload for yourself.
This is a problem with some people even they don’t know it. They say that they want to make videos, but don’t know what they want to upload videos of, or they are making videos of a topic that they are not totally interested in. You must be interested I the content you are publishing to keep yourself making more videos to get more viewers. Because as I said in the last part, you need to be active, and if you are not interested in anything you are making, then how can you expect other people to watch it? Upload what you are truly interested in.

Be active other then YouTube.
You do need to do some work if you want to have a higher you count on youtube. Getting to the social network is probably your best bet at making more viewers on youtube. The social network of course the top 3 facebook, twitter, google plus. Facebook Is a great social network for connecting with other people with similar interests. Simply join a group with people of the same interest as you and be active in that group, post topics on the groups page, and friend other people in that group. This way you actually be engaging your audience, and not just be some on on the internet. Engage in your audience in the way through social network is a great way to gain more youtube views on youtube videos.
You should also consider joining google plus if you haven’t already doing some discussion group or not pages about the specific topic of your youtube videos and even if you want, make your own page on google plus which it’ll be all about the specific topic you’re doing on your youtube. It will be great  to interact with new people that you haven’t already and by doing this you can interact with the new people to show more of the world of what you’re doing on the internet.

Join forums
This may not sound too big, but can rack up some views for the people already interest in the topic you are trying to make videos of. So, I’ll take the example of video games. Just about every video game out there has a forum, if not more than one forum to join for all different communities. Join as many as you would like, and get active on them. Spend a few minutes every day on their forums, and post replies, and make new threads. By you getting active in the community on the forums, people will see you different and possibly click on your video and start watching your videos. By doing this you can also gain loyal viewers. Who are viewers who keep coming back.

Post comments on similar YouTube videos
Posting comments on other peoples videos especially video replies is a great way for people to get to know you on YouTube. If the uploader approves it first. Sometimes the uploader you are commenting on will like your video and allow it on their video. This will show the world your video on his video, which means that the person who already viewed his video, might be interested in your video too.

I will post a updated version to this post when I can with subscribers. Until then.


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