LED Light, And AMP Assembling

Today walking out of my engineering club I said “What a successful day today.” There was so much that got done in the hour and a half that I was there. When I arrived into the club at 3:40, I quickly began my work with assembling the rest of the LED lights that I started the earlier week. Last week I got to start it and get three levels done of the LED lights but was not able to finish because I was already there for two hours. Teachers have lives too, and it was about 6:00 then. I had to go and not finish the LED light.

LED Lights

Coming in yesterday I knew that I wanted to finish the part of the LED light that my Friend (Cole) and I were stuck on. We both got a kit this week, so we can work separate and together on the same project, in case one of us got ahead, the other can help out and explain what we did, and how it worked. (That’s why I like working together).
Cole beat me on level four, quickly getting everything assembled, and getting the lights working with the dimmer. I tried to follow what he was doing, and I swear I had everything the same as his, with every wire, and light the same as his. The teacher was working with Cole at this time, and she was explaining things to him, about dead ground, and what should go where. He got his to work, with the dimmer and it all did fine. The LED light was a little burnt out, but you could tell that it worked because when you turned the dinner all the way down, the LED light would turn off; and when you turned them all the way up they would be brighter.

I could swear I did the same thing as him, and when I connected the positive power (From the battery) mine started to smoke. Then I smiled, and unplugged the battery and told Cole. He didn’t believe me, so I put it back in and it started to smoke again. So I unplugged the battery again, and he suggested to me that I move the negative wire to the other side, and for some reason, it worked. I don’t know why. Probably because my reactor was messed up or put on the other way. Anyway, this was the part that Cole beat me at. I’ll give him that.

My part where I dominated was level five, where I had to light up more than one LED using different power buttons, with the same power source. This part actually came easy to me, and Cole was stuck on this part. When I started I just thought, and there was really only two things that I needed to do, and I’ll do my best to explain it. (I really wish I had pictures here to better explain it, I’ll make better videos) I saw that the negative needed somewhere to connect to; so I grabbed a wire, connected the negative to another row on the board, (Which is about the Positive) and that acts as if the negative charge on the battery is going to the same row, because the wire connects it there.
Then I saw that the Positive was on the other side. It was connected to the power button, and on the same row that the reactor was on, was the same row as one of the places to connect the power button. So, what I did was connect another power button to the same row as the other power button and on top of that, I placed another reactor. On the same row as the 2nd reactor, was where the positive part of the LED was placed, and right below the reactor pin, was where the wire was connected.

That’s really it. I repeated those steps three times to give me 4 led lights. When I pushed them all they light up. I documented the progress on both the camera for my teacher (He checked it to see our progress) and on my iPhone for this blog, and my Youtube Channel. Then I helped Cole with his.


Same day, and this one took about 45 minuted to complete. For me, I just looked at the schematics, and put things together. Not everything was put together right at first, I did have to look over at Cole, but his was not much different than mine. It just looked more complected than mine because he had some longer wires. Cole was a bit further than me, but not too much. I was missing one key part most of the time, and when I borrowed that key part (Wire that connects both negatives across the board) mine worked, and it started playing Justin Bieber’s song Baby. I played this for fun. You never thought that you would be happy to hear that song. And this was actually my first try with it, and it worked. Cole had trouble shooting, I kind of just kept on looking at the schematic and checking it, and looking at Cole’s AMP to check. The teacher did help me once, because there was this one part (10uF Capacitor) that was placed wrong. I needed it to connect to ground (Somewhere off where nothing else is) so the wire can connect it to the negative charge. Really that was the only help I needed. I was happy to play that song. 
We might be doing the robot next. I’m not sure. Or we might be developing an Android App. But I am doing that Android App at home, as you can see.


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  1. Thanks for this post. It is very interesting.

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