Swagbucks – A Way to Earn Prizes Online

To start off this blog post, I would like to make my refer link first, just so at any moment, that you find this interesting and you have read enough, come to the top and use my refer link. By you using this link, you will be helping me out because as you gain swagbucks, I will too. Up 1,000 for every referral I get. As long as you are doing searches. So, please use it, and if you have any questions about anything, please comment in this post. I will answer you as soon as I can.
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So, to start up this post, I would like to say the day I am writing this. Today is Friday, April 6 2012. The reason I say this, is because some of the things I have been searching for on the internet, they are just so out of date and are not useful to me anymore. Some of the results I get from them are from like 2007. That’s 5 years out of date. I needed something new, and so does everybody else. On this blog, as long as I am an active user of swagbucks, I will blog stuff about it. Now, I wont make a post about swagbucks every week, possibly not every month. That is what the Swagbucks blog is about. But as I win things, and make an unboxing video, I will post it to this blog and on youtube.

The Overview
To start off, swagbucks is a great website with great intention. We as users do a lot of things on the internet. We buy things, we play games, we watch videos, and best of all we search. The internet is full of information, and search is how swagbucks started. Swagbucks put together a way to earn what is called Swagbucks or better known as SB for the things we do over the internet. For the regular things you do over the internet, you are rewarded. With SB you can buy things from the Swag store, or you can raffle them for a slim chance to win something big like a MacBook, or a Kindle. The Swag store consist of many great things that would be nice to have. But you need to have bank of SB to get some of it. Swagbucks takes time to acquire SB. So, if you want to get that HD Television set, you need to spend lots of time here on Swagbucks. In this blog, I will go over almost ALL of the different ways to acquire SB to your full benefit. This blog will have much written portions to it, as well as videos of me actually showing you how to gain SB. By the time you have finished this blog, you will know what Swagbucks is, and some of the best ways to acquire SB. If you are just hearing about Swagbucks from this blog, please I encourage you to use my referral link I posted at the top to help me gain SB too. I spent much time putting this blog together. Thank you!!!
How to Gain Swagbucks
Do you like to save money? Well, of course you do. Who doesn’t? Swagbucks offer coupons to save you money on things like food, can health care. If you are a Swagbucks user, you can print out these coupons before you go shopping and actually earn SB for this. You will gain 10 SB for every coupon you use. That, is like an amazing deal. Say you see some coupons on the website, and just wonder that it is a good deal. Why not get it. You will save money, and earn SB for it. Or you can use these coupons for things you know you need, like breakfast for your kids, or differ for your family. Swagbucks offer coupons like this. You can use as many coupons as you want and in time the SB will show up on your account. Not, the only down part I see in this is that it does take a while for you to see them come up on your account, usually 8 – 12 weeks. Gosh, I know, that years in internet time. But if you do this on a regular basis, like weekly, then you will have SB coming in on your account randomly from purchases you made 2 months ago. Coupons is a great way to earn Swagbucks. It’s constant, and it saves you money in the long run. Just by joining a website, where you are trying to get free stuff anyway. That’s great. 
If you are a child or do not do shopping in your family, you should definitely tell the primary shopper in your family about this. You can print them off on your account, and you will be saving the shopper money, and you will be awarded. You can do this for your friends, your parents friends who don’t know how to use a computer ha. Before you know it, You could be gaining hundreds through coupons, and saving people money, you are gaining from it, and you are really not doing anything.
Daily Deals:
Every day on Swagbucks, they offer daily deals. And just by that name, you guessed it, they are deals around your city where they are basically having a sale. All you need to really do is basically buy the deal online, and you will be rewarded SB for it. This is a lot like Google Offers if you ever heard of that. I am a registered member of Google Offers, and every day, they Email me with a great offer for a great price. Swagbucks is the same way. And you are rewarded SB for it. Sorry Google, they may have you beat. With these amazing deals you have, you will be saving yourself money, for some things that interest you. It’s a simply “Why not?” kind of thing. Every new day, you can get a new deal, and if you want, you can be awarded every day if you want to do something every day. If you that kind of person, then you will make bank on SB and you can get something nice there.
Daily Polls:
This is going to be short. Every day on Swagbucks, there is a new Poll. There is just one question to answer, and of course, as it says, it is a poll. Simple answer that, submit it, and you are rewarded 1 SB for it. I don’t find it necessary to make a video for something so simple. So, no video for Daily Polls.
Swagbucks offers many games for you to play. But in my opinion these games are nowhere near as good as other web games. But not to bash them, it is a great way to earn SB, and have a little fun too. Most people have played the game crazy taxi, or at least heard about the game. It’s a very simple game where the gamer has to only use three buttons on the keyboard. (<,>,[SPACE]). You are driving this taxi, and you jump over other cars with ([SPACE]), and move left and right with the arrows. For me, on this Netbook, with the small keys, it is challenging, but entertaining at the same time; and for a chance to win up to 15 SB for playing a game, why not play it. Kill a little time, have a little fun, get rewarded.
NOSO (No Obligation Special Offer)
While this is no my favorite way to earn SB, it is still is a good way to get small surveys done, if you can find one that is good. I’ll tell the truth, my honest truth of what I think of this portion of Swagbucks. It’s absolute garbage. Almost all of the surveys are misleading, complete trash. Developers who designed these surveys I don’t even think tried, or they never went to school or something. Most of the offers have a very low rating, and people give them that for a reason. Because they suck. Now, don’t take this in the wrong way, just because of this portion of Swagbucks sucks, this does not mean that the whole site sucks. That is not true at all. I just believe that this is not a good way to earn SB. If you do happen to stumble over a survey that is good, and has a rating of 5 stars, give it a try. You might be able to earn some good SB. But I have only stumbled upon 1 of these in my time here. I’m not going to do a video on this portion, just because I don’t think it is worth my time. 
Swagbucks uses Ask.com and Google’s search engine to power their search engine. Each time you do a search, you have the chance of winning SB just for doing a search. There is no way to spam this, or have a bot do it for you, because they updated their website. Now, when you win, you have to put in a code to get the SB. This is actually good, it’s anti spam. Also if you search too much, then it will take you to their rules, and tell you to not spam. However, just use this as your regular search engine, and you will start earning before you know it. 
You can also download the toolbar for all web browsers. It can be used on IE, Firefox, Chrome, possibly Safari. 
Special Offers:
This part is very much unlike my other part. This portion of Swagbucks actually works, and it works well. You will have to put in some time to earn SB here, but it is well worth it. In this portion, you are offered many deal that you can take, or leave. Now, for this part, I would HIGHLY recommend that you create another Email address. You should do this because they will offer you to sign up for a Email Newsletter, which could mean that they will Email you 10 time a day. Now, if you are subscribed to 10 of these, that 100 Email’s of things you honestly don’t care about. So, to save your time, and energy, you will need another Email Address. No hassle, at Yahoo you can create one in under 60 seconds. 
The easiest part of this portion is the watching videos part. Similar to SwagbucksTV all you do is have to click on a video and watch it. After the video, you are awarded. These are usually worth smaller amounts of SB, but still you really didn’t do anything. This is probably where I get most of my SB so far. This and SwagbucksTV.
I would say this is either the best, or 2nd best way to earn SB. All you do is watch 10 videos; and you are awarded 3 SB. You can earn up to 150 SB a day for just clicking on a video, watch real TV and then click on another video. It’s seriously that easy. To let you know. None of the videos are actually interesting. So, better to mute your computer when doing this. This video is not linked with Youtube for some reason, I had to upload it to Blogger because it would not show under my videos. Anyhow it is the same video.
Task is a great way to earn some SB. By doing task, or a job, which may include you to do searches on either Google, or Bing; you submit them and they will check your answers with the correct answers and compare them. For every page of task, you gain however many it was worth. Usually they are in the lower numbers because it is an endless cycle that you can do. There is no limit, and as long as you have time to do the task, you can earn bunches of SB. It’s easy, but time consuming. Don’t let it take too much of your time away from you.
Trade In’s:
If you are a gamer, and you have some games that you want to sell? Got some old games that you want to sell but nobody is buying them on ebay? Well, the game is outdated, and truth be told. Nobody plays it. Not, I am mainly referring to the old games from like Playstation 2, and the original Xbox. These games you can trade in on Swagbucks.com to earn SB. Now, this may not be the best idea, because depending on how much they offer you, you might be better off keeping the game, because it will cost you more to ship the game that they will actually be giving you. That is unless you have a lot of games and you will ship them all to them in a big box. Then it might be worth it. But if you have a semi new game lying around that wasn’t released too long ago and is not too hot right now, you can earn some SB for it. Not the bad thing about the trade ins in my opinion is that if the game is too hot right now, like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 in early 2012 is, then the chances of them making you an offer are slim, because the game is worth well over $30.00. Swagbucks does not make you offers for games that are too hot now, so you will have to sell another game that is worth less money. If you have some accessories lying around for your console, you can sell them here too. They will offer you a deal with them, and you can earn SB. 
Trusted Surveys:
I don’t really know what to say about this portion of Swagbucks. I honestly have not found that this portion has even benefited me in any way. I have taken a bunch of these surveys, and I have been disqualified from every one of them. Now, I do see the point on them. The survey was NOT directed to me. Meaning that I am not the kind of person to take a survey like that. I am more likely to do better at a survey with technology involved, cell phones, internet, computers is more likely what I would take a survey on. Not auto insurance, and doctors and stuff I honestly don’t care about. I feel as if Swagbucks could do a better job at targeting who to send the survey to. Anyhow, if you are able to complete one of these, they give you tons of SB for it. For like 1 survey, you can earn from 25 – 500. So, these are serious surveys. Which, you need to take them serious. If at any time they thing you are speeding through them, or you answer an question wrong, they will disqualify you. And all you earn is 1 SB. They disqualify me because I am 16. All the surveys they sent me were directed towards adults. I can’t answer anything right if I am not an adult.
Extra Ways To Earn:
There is still many ways to earn SB believe it or not. Some of the most reknown ways of earning them are through following Swagbucks on Facebook and Twitter. Often they will post a code, or a link to a code, which you can use to earn SB. But don’t rely on them. Usually within 4 hours of the code being posted, it will have been expired, and pose no use to you. So, I don’t really care too much for the code, unless it is some big jackpot worth over 50 SB. If you scroll to the top of this page, you will see a widget on the top right. Under that there is a code generator. These are around the web, but if you register (using my referral link) you can return to this blog daily to generate a code which you can use. Now, not all the time there will be a code for you, so check back often. Speaking of Jackpot…
Every Friday, Swagbucks does something for you to earn a big jackpot. They may change it up from time to time, but today it is a search jackpot. Today they are giving away 1,000,000 total to multipal users who are lucky searchers. As I explained in the search portion of this post, when you search, you have a chance of winning. And if you are lucky, you can win a big jackpot. 10 – 1,000 SB today. That’s a lot. 
On occasional Swagbucks will message you on the website offering you a very easy way to earn a small amount of SB. Usually all you have to do is watch a video. That is all the messages I go so far. It is a great little way to earn. 
The Swag Store:
This is where you redeem all you SB for prizes. I am using my iPhone 3GS camera for this video because I am having problems with my screen cap recorder.
Well that all she wrote. Again. If this sounds interesting, please use my referral link. to register an account. If you have any questions/comments, please post a comment below on this blog, and I will get to you as soon as possible. In the mean time, swag it up.

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