Party Lights

By far this was the fastest Cole and I went on a Challenge. We flew passed this challenge in 40 minutes, leaving us a bunch left to hang out after the club. This was also a lot of fun too. there were five levels to this challenge, here you can find all the levels, and about the challenge. The first part of the challenge a teacher helped us with because he had to log into his account to update the drivers for the part for us to use them. So, that really took us to the second part. With this, the teacher Mr.Lawrence I believe he was, helped us get to know the program and how it worked, and what things did. Once we knew that, it was all a fly in the park, and the rest was all things we did before with the LED lights. A little tinkering was all we had to do for the levels, some with programming, and some with the breadboard, resistors, and wire.

Tinkering with these parts to make it passed the levels was similar to the LED lights in the sense that they both had a button, resistors, and wire to transfer power between rows. Check out the video.


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