Robot Day 1

Today was the day we started the robot. Now today was actually an important day for the club because someone who works for the senator came to the school to take a look at the club to see if they like it. If they do like it, they may donate to the club, meaning that we get more projects, programming, and fun. So, today we had sort of a party, there were lot of people there, almost as if it were packed. Some people came for the first time too, some people who I know from gym class, some regulars, Cole and I too. Lots of people were working on the robots. One person who was sitting next to us has been working on his robot for the passed 3 days we were there. He has gone a long way in programming his robot because it can go far, and for a long time with many different commands it does.

Cole and I started on the robot, once we got the hang of it, we were trying different things with it to see what we can do with it, trying to perfect it, as you can see from the longest clip I made in the video below. To start off we had to make it go forward. Which was easier than I would have thought, because there is no coding in the program. Just like a puzzle like thing, and commands you have to input. To start off, all we had to do was download pretty much nothing. This made so that the program was on the lego robot that made it go forward. That was easy.

As I did not video document until halfway through the robot, because we were not really following the steps on YouSTEM, rather we were following the steps on the software than YouSTEM. This still gave us many of the steps we needed to complete the YouSTEM steps. In fact none of the actual steps we did were really on YouSTEM because we were following the Software which is like an introduction to how programming the robot is, and what you need to do so that you can actually get it across a bridge, hot lava, and make it through the maze. It was a great introduction, and still we are not finished with it. I am guessing that we have another 2 days at least before we complete this project, and that time we will have 2 more projects available. The App inventor, and the “Just bead it” which sounds more like biology to me then engineering. See for yourself here.


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