Robot Day 2

Today was, that I felt a more unsuccessful day. Oh, and by the way today is my birthday.
Cole did not show up today, and I wanted to see what I can do with the robot in training mode. I think I am ready, for next Tuesday to do the course, because this Thursday there is no club meet that day because my teacher, and the teacher who leads the club will be in California. I did not make any videos, because I spent about half my time playing with the legos and I was still in training mode. Nothing really cool in training mode. I was building something productive by the way. I was building the parts to connect to the robot itself. These made it so that parts can detect a line and sound.

The sound one I built was too sensetitive. Any sound it picked up made it so that the ro ot would stop. I didn’t know how to fix that, so I left it alone and I went on to the next part. Which was building a way for the sensor to detect a line, that will make the robot stop. I did this unsuccessful though, because when building the part, I screwed up at the way beginning by using the wrong part. So there was no way for the part to stick on the robot. By this time, I realized that I was red too much time, and I wanted to get home, because as I said earlier, today is my birthday, and I wanted to celebrate it.

Sorry for not having videos this week. There will be some next week. And there might not be a blog post this Thursday, because there is no club meet today. I might however, do some android app building.  I still want to do more of those,


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