Why Android Tablets Aren’t as Successful as iPad’s

It is obvious that the iPad is the king of tablets. There is really no tablet that really out performs the iPad, but why is that? Why is it that when you think of tablet, or just about every tablet you see, it’s an iPad? I have a few reasons as to why the iPad is the king, and as to why Android tablets are not as known as iPad. 

I would like to share a story, and I hope that this will explain as to why the iPad is so successful. When I got my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, I knew that is what I wanted. I been into several AT&T stores and been to the Apple store a few times. In my opinion, I would much rather prefer the Galaxy Tab 10.1 over an iPad for a few reasons. But this is not my review on it, so I’ll skip to the next part. When I decided to take my Galaxy Tab to school (I’m a Junior in High School) and use it for school purposes. People saw the tablet. But they did not know what it was. This is the average person. The average person in most cases, from where I live, they do not have tablets. Especially because they are teenagers, and most teenagers in my school spend all their hard earned money on drugs, they can’t get cool technology like me. 100% of the people that commented on my tablet, THOUGHT it was an iPad. Even my 2 Algebra teacher. Everyone from their first glance at it thought it was an iPad. 
The point I’m making is that people ONLY know iPad. They think, Tablet = iPad. What’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab?
This one girl that commented on it, said “That’s a cool iPad.” I commented back “It’s not an iPad, its a Galaxy Tab 10.1.” She ask, “Is that still a Tablet?”
I think for the main reason this is, is because Android Tablet makers never really advertised their Tablets. When I watch TV, the only commercials I see are about cell phone providers advertising their phone. Never a Tablet. When the New iPad came out, it was a never ending at least 2-3 times for a 30 minute show that it was advertised. Now, that’s its a few months old, its not advertised as much. Apple did more advertising than any of the Android Tablet makers, which makes the iPad more reknown, which makes people like that girl only know Tablet = iPad. 
Solutions? The Tablet makers have to get the word out there, probably drop their price less that an iPad, and have people try to sell them. But this may not be needed, because soon Google will be releasing Chrome OS tablets. And with them in ownership of Motorola Mobility, I think that they can make their Tablets very great, at a great price to match the Kindle. Apple and Amazon may not be the only Tablet dominating companies anymore.

2 thoughts on “Why Android Tablets Aren’t as Successful as iPad’s

  1. hey …i read both ur articles.. ur quite rite abt the fact y galaxy tabs are not so popular. really u must be feeling crazy wen the girl asked u if ur galaxy tab was still a tablet.. he he đŸ˜€ btw i found some gr8 deals on galaxy tabs on the following site . best deal of samsung tablet

  2. Thanks for the comment. It did annoy me when she asked me that question if it was still a tablet. People these days with technology. They should know a little something.

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