Marshmallow Tower, & Robot Day 3

Today was a great day to be at YouSTEM Engineering club today. There was a film crew there filming us, which in my opinion, was not a good day for them to come because there was a lack of people to show up today. Anyway, Cole and I got yet another challenge done today, which brings us to 2 more left. They also keep adding more and more, so we need to work a bit faster to be ahead of the people running the club. We’ll do it before school is over.

The tower was childish, yet fun. The goal of this was a little buy undetermined for us. The goal just said to have at least one marshmallow stand up in the middle of the tower. We were using Spaghetti as the blocks for this. The tower needed to be 15 in high, so we built a small base. The main part for this was to use a square, and then make an X on the larger portion of the square to make 4 triangles to support it. If you ever built anything, a bridge, tower, crane, anything, you know that a triangle is the strongest of all the shapes out there. This is why we used a large X because an X with a box around it makes 4 triangles. So three blocks, all with identical bases made up this project. I went ahead and use more Spaghetti for more support on all the sides. This made it a little stronger that what the creator of this project hoped for. Instead of taking one Marshmallow, I just took the whole bag and lay it on the tower. It held, very well I might say. Sorry there are no pictures, but I think it might be in the video. If not, then we might redo this part, because there will be more added to this by the creator to make it better.
Now to get to the robot. 
In the middle of the building the Marshmallow tower, the film crew that was there today wanted to see something really to show off the YouSTEM Engineering club. And building a tower, seeming kind of childish, Cole and I wanted to show them that there is some high tech (sort of) programming robots in this club. We got the robot, and had some fun. From my experience with camera men, they are some of the chillest people ever. They have a great sense of humor, they are fun to be around, and almost nothing pisses them off. Unless you are really trying. 
We programmed the robot to go forward and then spin really fast in circles laughing “hahahahaha” the robot said, as everyone in the room was laughing along with the robot. It kept spinning and laughing, so did the people in the room, until it stopped after 42 spins. Then we got to work with actually trying to make it go through the course. 
There are a certain amount of turns, and obstacles that we have to make it passed. They are cups placed on a mat, and if we move the cup with the robot, we messed up and we have to go back, and change the settings of the block builders on the robot software. We had some failed attempts but that is the fun part of engineering. You will not always get it right, just as long as you keep trying to make it right, then we will see the time that the robot with cleanly make it passed the course. Until then…
Check out the video I made this week.

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