Robot Day 4

To start off, today was the last day of school for Seniors at my school today. If some of you know, this is Senior prank day, where all the seniors do stupid things to get in trouble. Today was so bad, that the superintendent came on the intercom and said he was very disappointed in the class of 2012. Police came to school, made some arrest, and they let the seniors out of school early than the rest of the school, to make less destruction for other students. Anyone in the hall was FORCED to leave the building during a period. You had to go to the bathroom, you were forced out of school probably. My friend Cole was in the halls, so he was forced to leave the building. It makes no sense because he is a Freshman, he was forced to leave school. It makes no sense, and seems illegal.

Anyway I had to work on the robot today, alone. I am trying to make it passed a course, making it more complicated than it needs to be says one person from the club. See, I’m making it turn a lot more than I need to because in reality, I looked at it wrong. I thought I was suppose to go through all the cups to the finish line, and it turns out that I just need to not hit the cup, and make a basic U-Turn. Too simple for me, I went ahead, and I’m going with the turns to make it more fun for me.

There were a lot of people today to watch the club, and the same thing as Tuesday there were not many people today, because students were forced to leave the building. So, it was me, a usual kid, and three others who were working on what I was doing Tuesday, the Marshmallow Tower. Their tower was not as stable or strong as ours. Theirs held one Marshmallow, mine held the whole bag.

While working on this some of the people kind of interviewed me. I’m not so big on talking with people, or being interviewed, but it was chill because I was talking about something that I was actually interested in. They wanted to know how the program worked, and what it does for the robot. It was all new to them, so I explained it to anyone who asked, the best I can. This one woman, wondered about the course I was doing, and somehow why I wanted to do it. The best answer I could give on that is, “Because its fun.” Tackling a challenge, letting myself know that I can make it passed the course.

It was all trial and error today. I would make a small change, see what it does, reprogram it. Then try it again, see what it does, and make more changes to it. Once I knew that it made it passed one cup, I would then add on to the blocks to make it go through another cup. It just keeps on adding up until I get to the end, and WA-LA. It’s finished. But because I was alone today, I worked a bit slower. I may work better with friends when doing things like this. I would have thought that working alone would get more work done because two would not socialize, making less work get done, but it seems the opposite. Right now, I’m about halfway done with the course, which the file is saved, next week on Tuesday, the course will get finished, and there will be a video.
I did not make a video today because A. I was alone, not much fun with the humor of Cole, and B. There were way too many people. Tune in next week for a video.


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