Robot Day 5

Today was the last day of YouSTEM this year. I’m highly looking forward to going back next year to see what new challenges were added and what is next for the new club. Today, was a successful day today because I finished the robot course, to go through the whole course. As seen in the video, we did half of it wrong, by making it go around some of the cups, and then straight down to finish the course. Programming this robot was a lot of fun, and it gave a great introduction to programming. I’ll do a common Q&A below.

Some of the times in YouSTEM Engineering there were people there to make videos of us, interview us, and get to know what the club is about. I’ll do a blogger interview and answer some of the FAQ they asked me while I was on the interview.

Q: What did you like most about YouSTEM?

A: The thing I liked most about YouSTEM this year was definitely programming the robot. In my future, I look forward to probably being a software engineer and this was a great introduction to the very basic way of programming.

Q: How does it work when you program the robot?

A: There is this software on the computer called Mind Storm NXT. This is a software that uses building like blocks that you connect together in a sequence, and changing the settings to make different commands. Each block can have a different command. You can command what the robot will do for the next command by either stopping, or what it is doing while it is turning (Coast). There is no coding with this software, and it’s kind of hard to explain. You can easily search Youtube for a better explication.

Q: Why did you join YouSTEM?

A: I joined YouSTEM because I am interested about engineering and technology. I thought that it would be a great place to be, because this is where I believe I belong. Doing what I like to do, with others who like to do the same thing.

Q: How did you find out about YouSTEM?

A: My Friend Cole and I were talking about Android, and ICS (Ice Cream Sandwhich) in class. My Teacher overheard out conversation and suggested that we come to the engineering club. I was quickly interested in the club.

Q: What have you done this year in YouSTEM?

A: My friend and I accomplished a lot this year in YouSTEM. We started with LED Lights, which at some point we both made catch fire. We programmed party lights using software on the computer, by changing the code, to make different changes to the lights, either making them dim, or flash very fast. We built a Marshmallow tower, which we exceeded at because it not only held one Marshmallow, it held the whole bag. We Programmed a robot to go through a course, by using the Mind Storm program. At home, I built a Android App, very simple, using app inventor. I will be doing another app build this summer too, and I will try to be more complex.
Much of the time, Cole and I were ahead of the challenges. We tried to stay with the creators, to beat everything that they through at us. Next year, I am looking for some more projects, and maybe a big project towards the end of the year that the whole club can be involved with. Like building a go-kart. That one day we can take a field trip to, going go-karting. Now that seems fun.


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