Marble Corse

During the last days at school, we take finals. At my engineering class we took a hands on final exam where we had to build a marble course, to make the marble go as slow as possible. It took me longer than the time needed to build my course, but I got it done, with an extra 30 minutes. I met all the requirements for the exam, and to pass; but to me, it wasn’t good enough. So, I came home, and knew that I would do better. I built this course, at the beginning with nothing in mind, and no goal to meet. I just wanted to build something cool. That’s just what I did, and as I went along, I made goals for myself. At the end I met them all that I made.

This is the first video that I did a full build of. The length is 69 minutes. I don’t expect anyone to actually watch all that, but it will forever be posted on this blog for future purposes. I might look at this in the future (Few years) and see that my videos have gotten better. Others might look at them too and see the progress I made.
The 69 minute video cannot be posted on this blog. But the finished version can be, so this is it. If you want to see the full build, visit this link.


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