My Few Changes

I have decided to make a few changes to this Tech Brothers 10 project. I do see that this project is doing well. People are reading the blog, and some people are watching the videos I am posting on my BBbloodbrotherCCCX channel. But because that name is so confusing, and I do want this project to get better, I will be using another Youtube channel for uploading videos, as part of the tech brothers 10 project. I will be uploading more videos, and be blogging more, now that I am more organized. That is all that will be changing. The blog will be stayed ran as my main Youtube channel. BBbloodbrotherCCCX.
I will be using 2 web browsers to run both accounts. Links for the blog to the videos will be connected, and I will also be sharing the videos on my main Google Plus account.

I am not so sure how I will be embedding youtube videos on this blog. I will have to upload them twice I guess. One as a blogger video, and one as a Youtube video. OR I can give my other account Author permission and do it that way. I’ll try that now. Yes. It works. I’m finishing this blog on my other account (TechBrothers10) and can post videos using both accounts. This will make it simpler, easier, and I can stay with blogger. Thanks Google. This post was mainly just a test. But I’ll publish it anyway.


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