Tour of a Geeks Desk

I am happy to make one of this first videos for this channel, and to have myself added to the authors for this blog. It will enhance the productitivity for this blog, and make me more active. This is where I want to be going with The Tech Brothers project. More reviews, and newer items on the way.

Some things to point out in this video. I may have my hand over the mic on my iPhone 3GS. That is what I use for recording. Equipment does not really get in the way with me, because I use what I can to make videos. I don’t need a $1,000 HD camera to make a video, and I don’t think I will ever need one like that. The reason I don’t use my camera that was in the drawer is because that is out of battery, and I have no idea where the charger is. I will be getting a new charger, probably with extra batteries, and higher SD card, because I will be going to Utah this sumer. That may just be the furthest I am going from my home here in Chicago. So, it’s a big adventure, and I’m excited for it. I want to take all the pictures I can with it while I’m there, and I’ll probably blog about it in my Blogs about everything, and possibly make a slideshow video and post it here on Tech Brothers/or my main channel.

The thing I didn’t show was my iPhone, of course, because I used it for recording. Some things I didn’t show was the iPhone charger, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 charger. That’s because they are across the room. + it’s not that interesting. Some other things I didn’t show are the things I am using on my laptop. This blog gets more detialed than the video, because I’m less of a talker, and more of a writer. Also, I write this out after I make the video, and see what I can include. Anyway, I mainly use Google Chrome as my web browser. I love the speed and the design of Chrome. This is used for my BBbloodbrotherCCCX account. That is the account that is owner of this blog, (I am owner too just using another account). That is a more persornal account. I am trying to keep one account as my personal account, and one for the Tech Brothers Project. At first, I wanted everything all in one place, then, I just thought, the channel name TheTechBrothers10 is a much easier, and better name for a popular Youtube channel than my main one. All aside, this channel give me a chance to be better organized with the project and personal life.

For the Tech Brothers channel, I use Internet Explorer. (No hate) I like the look of it. It’s faster than Safari, and Firefox I really don’t like the look of it. Safari on my computer is slower than a snail. I waste a lot of time using Safari, because those 2 seconds add up for ever page refresh.
That’s all. Hopefully you enjoy the new changes, and the activity I am making with this project. I sure am. There will be more videos soon. Subscribe to this blog, for all the best information with Tech Brothers. Also Subscribe to the Youtube channel.


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