Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

The samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is by far one of my favorite tablets on the market. It is very light and thing, easy to hold with one hand, and it differes from the iPad. When I was making the choice as to which tablet to get, I knew I wanted the galaxy tab just based off the time I used it in the AT&T store.  The main reason I did not go with an iPad was because I have an iPhone. If I were to get a iPad, I am sure that I would feel I made the wrong choice. Not that there is anything wrong with the iPad, just that I didn’t want to have something new, and for it to feel exactly the same as the iPhone. Its a good thing that Apple makes everything feel the same, but for me, just doesn’t connect. When I get sometthing new, I want to experience something new too. Which is the main reason I got a androidd tablet over an iPad.

The galaxy tab is great, and I love it. It is a little out of date now that the Galaxxy tab 2 10.1 is out, which runs ICS (4.0). But still, I am not one that feels that just because there is a different OS with a higher number that it actually means the older OS is not good. That is something a lot of people say when they comapre IOS over Android. Sure IOS is a all in one thing. But thats the apple way. Just because it is older, doesn’t mean its not as good. Android 3.2 is great, everything works on here for me, and im satisfied with this.
So getting into the review.

Some people did think that my tablet was fake because it looked thinner, and more rectangle than square. This is because the galaxxy tab is a wide screen tablet, mainly used in the landscape mode. It us not thinner, because I measured it, while comparing this to what is up on the samsung website.
I also bought this from a trusted seller on amazon. This my friends is the real thing.
This tablet is great for preforming most of my daily needs. The apps are great for doing what I already do most on my laptop, but a tablet, for most people does not replace a computer. In fact I am writing this post on my tablet. Just so you know. Blogger is something I use just about on a daily basis. Its pretty good on the tablet, but I do think google needs to improve on some things. From viewing the stauts of my blog, and the analytics for it too so I don’t need to go to my computer to see if anyone really viewed a post I just wrote.

Youtube is not my favorite thing on any mobile platforum. I would just rather use a laptop to watch videos than any tablet/phone. For me just the whole experience with it on mobile is not as good. But I would much rather be watching youtube videos on my tablet that my iPhone. This is mainly because flash is built in on my tablet, so I can go to a web broswer and watch a video. Why would I do that, you may ask, this is because there are certain videos on the classic version that are not on the mobile version. Mainly this is music videos, but when I get in the mood for a certain song, I want to listen to it, and most of the time, it is not on IOS, so im out of luck.

Games are great on the tablet. As I said in the video below, I really havent played my Xbox in over 3 months now. I changed into more of a casual gamer now, and the games on the tablet are great for casual gamers. A lot cheaper too. You can buy a game for $0.99 and be entertained with it for a while. Even games that are free, I’m hoocked on. Gaming only gets better with tablets and phones, because people keep making more and more games to it. All the updates are free, and you really don’t need to buy anything with real money, like you do with console games.

The display with the tablet is pretty good. Of courst the iPad would win at that battle, but for watching movies on netflix, it’s pretty good. But I would still rather watch movies on either my computer with a 15.6 inch screen or my TV a 27 inch screen. But for other things like reading books, articles, blogs this is just great for. I really like to use the Google Currents app to see what is going on in the world of Android. Lots of newspapers are free there, and a lot of them interest me. Also reading news articles to know what is going on in the world is great for the tablet to handle, and gives you more freedom to move around the house, or around the world while always being connect to something to read. Its not stationary like a computer, its light weight, so you wont need to carry around a laptop.

I think this tablet is also great for use in education. When I take this to school, I do use it a fair amount of time, and I think if schools were to invest into tablets, either a iPad or Android tablets, education would fly up, becuase students will be introduced to a different way of learning. I use this tablet in math for the calculator. (why would anyone ever spend $100.00 on a calculator, this app is free, and does EVERYTHING). I use this on my free periods to play games, and read, and for social networking. I use this in English, for typing papers, and this can be used for reading. Schools can easily get a discount on eBooks. This tablet is also great for just taking notes. Schools need to invest into tablets.

I spend most of my social networking time on either my tablet or my iPhone, rather than the computer. For some reason, its just better to have a touch screen to interact with social networks rather than to just point and click.

Overall this tablet is great. If you are looking for something different, that is comparable to an iPad, the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is the way to go. Or you can go with another size. But to stay up to date, get the galaxy tab 2. You will be running ICS 4.0. You will not be dissapoiinted. What are you waiting for?


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

  1. I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab too. I love how its light and I can carry it everywhere. As you use it more, it becomes laggy and it can't run a lot a programs like a laptop can handle. If I were to watch a live stream concert for an example on Youtube, I can tell my Tablet cannot handle that type of activity. Also, taking pictures on the tablet is quite slow compared to an itouch. I took multiples of pictures instantaneous on my friend's itouch where it took at least 3 sec to take a pic on the tablet (worse in the dark!).Anyway, whenever people see my tablet, they would often confuse it for an ipad since they're too lazy to say tablet. Anyway, enjoy your tablet, I love mine since I can wipe it out anytime when I'm bored. I also use it as a math textbook which is extremely useful.

  2. Hi. Thanks for the comment. The Galaxy Tab isn't really too good for watching live content. I remember trying to watch a Live T.L.D.R. (The Lockergnome Daily Report) on Youtube, and it did lag hardcore for me. Adverage Youtube videos are great, but live content it not so great.Tablets, all of them including the iPad are not made for the camera. That really is just a bonus, but they are cool to have. But I never had any problems with the camera on my Galaxy Tab. But I would rather use my iPhone 3GS for a camera.I can also relate to you with people confusing my Galaxy Tab for an iPad. In fact, I wrote up a blog post earlier explaining why Android Tablets are not as popular than iPad's because of just how people think of tablets. You can check that Blog post here: also use my Tablet as my Math text book too. There is no way I am going to carry around a sixteen pound book, when I can have a Tablet 15x lighter.

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