This passed week I recieved a MacBook from my neighbor who recently passed away. His cousin sold me the MacBook for a very cheep price. At $20 for the asking price I took upon this offer, knowing that his cousin would have rather sold it to me, (someone whos Grandmother knows him rather well) than some random person with all his information. I still have all the files on the computer as I am writing this, but when the order of Snow Leopard comes to me from Apple, I will be reinstalling the operating system to complete the process of making this my personal computer.
However, before I was asked to buy this computer for the cheep price, I honestly didn’t want a Mac that much. I have always been a Windows person, and I like that it is very customizable with Windows. I do like to use different things with computers, but Mac being how expensive it is, I never thought that I would get to use one. I am still looking forward to building my own PC, and being the geek who knows of every part in his computer and being able to upgrade a part when I need to. But getting offered almost any working computer for that price, you will have to be a complete idiot to decline the offer.
When recieving the MacBook, and using it for a while, I did notice some problems. But none that are too bad, and I might not even fix them. The battery does not charge at all. So the MacBook is only a stationary computer for now. I can only use it when it is in the charger, which for me and the way I rearranged my room, it is no problem for my desk. I think I may just be keeping it the way it is, because I want to save all the money I can for my PC build. I don’t need to go anywhere with it, that’s why I have a tablet.
I don’t think I will make this project (tech brothers 10) about Mac too much. Then again, I am an open minded person, and like both Mac and PC, and just about everything else out there. Here is a picture of the MacBook.


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