eBooks Which One is For You?

eBooks are the next chapter in technology, and the economy. eBooks are the next big thing with receiving books, and there are many competitors out there for giving you this media. They all do the same thing for the customer, and it is ultimately up to the customer to choose how they want the media. Within this Blog post, I would like to share my opinion the strengths and weaknesses for all that I know about eBooks. They way I will tell about this might be different than others. Most people would not give you a straight up answer, and will still leave you with questions. I will try not to by giving you answers.

In my opinion the Amazon’s Kindle takes the win. If you like to read, even a little, or a lot of books, the Kindle is for you. Why? It’s because Amazon has always been a book company, and they know how to deal with books. The have more partnerships, and branches of their company than the other eBook companies which makes receiving their media, the larges of the others.

Amazon Kindle
Amazon has been in this game longer than anyone else. Beginning in 1994 as a online book store, Amazon has is edge over books. Amazon has done right by not only limiting themselves to just the Kindle. As long as you have a smart device (Tablet/Smartphone) you can have the kindle with you. No matter what you use, a Kindle is with you. The Kindle will stay in sync with your books from any device you are reading them from. You can read on your Kindle Fire, and pick up from where you left off on your iPad, and same with any other device.

Amazon can give you suggestions to what you might want to read. I have not seen recommended books on any other eBook companies. If I come to the Amazon store after reading a book, and not knowing what I want to pick up next, Amazon will recommend some books for me to read. It’s always nice for them to help me out, because that what sells their books.

The devices are another big thing for Amazon. With the Kindle Fire passing Android Tablets in sales, and making Apple nervous, this war with tablets is getting started. Apple now knows that they are not the only player now, and so does Google. Amazon has mixed things up by making the Kindle Fire, and selling it at a loss, to gain a community filled with people willing to spend money for the media Amazon gives. Now Apple wants to make a more affordable iPad, and Google has come out with the Nexus 7; I have a bad feeling about this. Amazon not only had the Kindle Fire, but five other devices, each at a different price point, and each one different. Having different devices is a good thing, because there are all different people, and they are willing to spend a different price for it. More people are satisfied with their products if they have a choice to what they are getting.

Amazon has excellent partnerships and branches for their company that will enhance the Kindle. Audible is the best audio book store on the web. Some people understand books better when someone reads them the book. That’s fine. Some people like to read along with the audio book, that’s fine too. Another great partner with Amazon is an online library. My Media Mall is a great place to rent FREE eBooks. You don’t need a Kindle for this, you can use the default eBook app for Android by downloading a ePUB book, and transferring it to your Android device. (I have not yet tried it for iOS). This website is a legit way to read books for free. Of course after a time, the book will expire. (At least you will not forget to return the book). All you need is a Public Library card from your local library.

Google Books.
The big Google fanboy I am, Google had so far done a great job with their books. The Google books is on every platform, so any reader who wants to read from Google Play, can do so from any device. Best of that, no matter where you read it, you are always in place from where you were last time you read. I could be reading a book on the Google Chrome app, and then move to my Android phone, and be in the place I left off with the Chrome app, and continue from where I left off. Then I would get on my iPad, and continue from where I left off on my Android phone. Google does a great job with wireless syncing. Everything, not matter what platform, stays in sync.

Google offers a large selection of books, but if you don’t know what you want to read, it’s a bit hard to find what you want. Google doesn’t know what you might like, because they don’t give you recommendations for books they think you might like. This to me plain sucks. The goal for Google is to sell you books. If I am clueless to what I want to read, it would be nice to have them help me find a book. When I view the sample, and possibly like it, they just sold me a book, and made some money. That is the goal with these companies.

Google has all but one device specifically for reading. They have the Google Books app, which can be used on any smart device, but for them to specifically have a device for reading for those big readers; they only have one option to choose from. Big readers will need a E ink display, which is not lit by LED lights. This puts less strain on your eyes, so you can read for longer periods of time. The Sony Story HD is the only device specifically for Google Books. The thing is, you can only get this at Target, or used online (eBay/Amazon). Limiting where you can get the device, and only having one device may not be the best bed for Google. But they have the App, which is where most people will read from (Including me).

My experiences with iBooks has not been the greatest. Sure they give me the books when I buy them. but they limitations Apple does just makes me not want to even get involved with iBooks. You are limited to only Apple devices while reading. (iPad, iPhone, iPod). For long period readers, reading on a LED screen will strain their eyes. You really don’t have a choice of devices. Either an oversized iPad, or a tiny phone. When reading you want something in the middle. Maybe the iPad Mini will fix this.

Recent lawsuits were against Apple for fixing the prices on their books to cost more than other distributers. This is illegal, and Apple for some reason is trying to rip people off.

There are great things that Apple are doing with iBooks that others have not yet started to do. iBooks Author is an excellent idea. People who want to become an author to books this is the dream for them. Very easily they can write a book. Students do not have to carry any more books with them to school, instead that can have all 45 pounds of books on an iPad. Though most books are available online, it is still nice to have the book with you without an internet connection. I believe that this one idea made the others jealous. But sooner or later, Google, Barns and Nobel, Amazon will start something new.

Barns and Nobel Nook.
To tell the truth, I don’t know too much about the Nook. The time I used it was pretty good, it’s an excellent device for reading with it’s E ink display like the Kindle. It’s a tablet like, because you can do other things on it too, like music, and videos, but the response time was not as good as I hoped for.

The Nook does have different devices, and one of them surprised me with how small, and light it was. Reading on that would be easy and fun. While I was in the store, the display models were… Bad. Some broken, some uncharged, Some playing Porn. But while using the device, it was great for reading.


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