Nexus 7 Impressions

The Asus Nexus 7 tablet from Google is great. But I believe it is not perfect, but still all the worth $232.37 I paid for it. Here are some of my impressions of the tablet.

Starting with the bad.

  • The single speaker grill on the Nexus 7 in my opinion is not such a great place to have it. The speaker grill is facing away from you, therefore making what should be loud, more quiet. Because sound waves are moving in the opposite direction of you. Another thing about this would be when you put the tablet down, on a padded surface, the sound waves are going into the padded surface, therefore making playing music, or watching movies quieter.

     The Tablet is loud when the sound waves are coming at you, but if they are not, it can be loud, but the sound will echo around the room, making it much louder for other people but yourself. I have been told that by my siblings, that they can hear it around the house, like on different floors. It’s more of an echo sound. 

The fix for this is to have the speaker grill in a different place. Possibly have them on the sides. Like the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • New notification menu.

I know that the notification menu was a big part of Google I/O this year. I was watching Live. But comparing this to my old Galaxy Tab’s notification, it was more multitasking friendly than the Nexus 7 tablet. My favorite part was no matter where you are, you can change the brightness on the galaxy tab. With the nexus 7 you have to stop what you are doing and go into the settings, and change it that way. I know a lot of Android devices are like this, and I don’t like it. I like to change the brightness of the tablet no matter where I am, without leaving the app I am using.

  • Brightness

For some reason, not one device has been great with brightness, except for my iPhone. My Galaxy Tab is way less bright, and almost impossible to even see the screen outside. Too dim, not bright enough. The nexus 7 is far too bright. Most of the time I have the brightness turned all the way down, and indoors it can sometimes be too bright. That’s a problem because when I am using the tablet at night where there is no light, it’s too bright for me. Viewing white pages is too bright, and I find myself just not using the tablet in the dark. While I was about to write out a Nexus 7 impression notes, I was in bed, completely dark. My Nexus 7 all the way dim, and I turned on my tablet and went to Google Docs, and that extremely bright light, I couldn’t do it. So, I had to do it later.

The fix for this would be to let the tablet get more dim. I like that it can go bright, but there are times it is not necessary. 

  • Apps crash
With the amazing specs on the Tablet, Tegra 3, and NVidia graphics, it sure does crash a lot on the simplest games. Games like draw something. Most of the time, when I first boot up the app, I will get to the menu, and it will crash, and go back to the home screen of the tablet. Then I start it back up, and then it will work fine. I’m not complaining too much about this, because some of the games I play require come good hardware to play on them, and it almost always plays the games fine with no lag.
It really is a good gaming machine.

Moving on to the Good.

  • Jellybean.
Jellybean is the newest and greatest Android operating platform out there. It’s extremely fast, and it has some really great new features like Google now. It truly is the best of Google you will get out of this tablet.
  • Gaming
Gaming on this tablet is actually very good. It’s easy for some games on a smaller device, because you have to reach your thumb in the middle for something, and on a huge tablet, it’s hard. But with this tablet it really is easy because of the 7 inch display. The Graphics is great on the tablet for gaming, and so is the Tegra 3 processor. It really is a great gaming machine. For any game. Even the hardcore games.
  • Size
I bought this tablet and sold my other one because I wanted a smaller tablet to read books on. Having a 7 in table is just the perfect size for reading on.
Overall, I give this tablet a 3.9/5. I really like the software built on the tablet, but I don’t believe ASUS has designed an innovative device, that both looks appealing, and is thin and lightweight as what I expected.

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