My Experience With Apple

So in this blog post, I got a bit of inspiration from Chris Pirillo to start sharing more that just tech reviews, and the same old stuff that other post about. I want to share more than just that, and share stories too and be more personal in these blogs that I write. So, I will try more to write these blogs, so that way, I can become a better writer.

A warning to readers, I am not a Apple Fan. Nor am I a Apple hater. I’m more neutral about Apple. Most of my experiences with Apple products sucked. But some were life changing. I’ll start off with the first time I used a Apple computer.

The first time I used a Apple computer was when I was in the third grade. I was in the computer lab using either a iBook, or a PowerBook computer. I’m not sure what one it was, but I remember is was a orange laptop. All I knew at the time was that it was a computer and it did what computers did. My experience with this computer sucked completely. When I tried to do anything on the computer it would come up with the beach ball spinning, indicating that the computer was slow. Anything I tried to do, from going on the web doing a web search, from opening Microsoft word, that beach ball would come up and tell me that the computer was too slow to do what it was suppose to do.

My second experience with a Mac was when I was in the fourth grade, and there were computers in my classroom. There were four iMac G4’s in each 4th and 5th grade classroom. They were used for learning, by some software, but to tell the truth, with those computers, not much learning got done. Not only were these computers slow, they would all freeze up. A lot of the time us students had to tell the teacher that the computer is’t working, and she would have to come over, force shutdown the computer, and restart it. And it would happen again and again, until the teacher just told us to do something else.

Now comes my third experience with a Apple product. Now, this experience was actually one of the best experiences I ever had with any device. It was the 2nd Generation iPod Touch. I got this going into 9th grade for free, because I took a Geometry/Rap class. It was a great class, because we got to mix Rap music with geometry. It was a great way of learning to be honest. At the end of the class for summer, all the students got a free iPod Touch 2nd Generation. This was the main reason I took this class, was to get a free iPod, because I was never wealthy enough to own a Apple product. Yes, I come from a lower middle class family, to tell the truth. So, I was so excited to own this. Little did I know how to use it. Yes back then, I knew nothing about technology. So, I had my friend get me some music. One of his friends had like 10,000 songs he illegally downloaded from the internet. So, I got them. I didn’t know how to use iTunes back then, and little did I care to learn. So, I got free music and some Apps that my friend has got me. This iPod had a long story, and it was with me through all the hard things that went on in the passed. Back then, I was a little depress teen, I had just lost my best friend, and life sucked for me. But this iPod was always with me to play the music that I felt.
When I started to get better, which was about grade 10, I noticed that I started to use this iPod a lot less. I felt that I didn’t need it as much because all the hard times were gone.

So this brings me to the fourth experience with a Apple product, which was the iPhone 3GS. I have been using my grandma’s reach out wireless phone for a long time. That is a free phone from the Government given to the disability/senior people. She gave it to me because she had no idea how to use it, and she was too stubborn to learn how to use it. After I spilled Tea on it, and was out of a phone I asked my dad if he would get me a phone. He said yes, and the next day we went to the AT&T store. At this time I knew what I wanted. A LG phone. Bet you thought I was going to say iPhone? No, at this time, I had no clue what a iPhone was. I wanted the LG phone because my cousin had one, and so did my aunt. I loved using the phone that had, because it had so many cool apps, like a heart rate monitor, and talking tom. But the AT&T store did not have that. So, I had to look for a different phone. I was browsing, but the Android phones were over $50. My dad said I couldn’t get a phone over $50. Then I looked at the iPhone, and started to use it. Then I kept on looking for something else, because it didn’t stand out to me. I looked at another Android phone, then my dad looked at the iPhone and suggested it to me. Then I started to use the phone more, getting into the Apps it had on it, and the music. At the time it was $30 for the phone. So, it was in my price range. The AT&T lady was kind of rushing me, so, I figured, “I like this phone.” So, we got it.

I was excited to have a new phone. I set up my iTunes account from the car while we were driving home, and when we got home I showed the phone to my brother. He said “You got an iPhone?” Then I looked at the box, and it said iPhone 3GS. That is when I found out it was an iPhone. I still have this iPhone now, still using it. Still all I can say about it is “I like it.”

With my fifth experience, comes my first MacBook. In the passed, my Mac experiences have been catastrophic. But this one like my iPhone, “I like it.” Now, I am using a 2006 MacBook. this this is almost 7 years old, and it is working great. The speed for it is really good for it’s age, and the performance for that time period is pretty good. But compared to today’s computers, the thing is week. But, it can for the most part do what I do on a daily basis. Which is just web, Email, Youtube, and writing blogs.

Though all my experiences were not great with Apple, some of them helped me out a lot and got me through the hard times. Though I probably will not be owning a modern Mac any time soon, I am hoping that Apple is trying their best to please their customers.
Please, if you want, leave your experiences with any computer you have in the comments below. I will be happy to read them.


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