A New Video Series

Now that I have got my camera with it’s accessories I need to make content. Right now, I’m camera shy, so, I don’t feel like getting infront of the camera now. But I still really want to make content, and this idea just came in my head.
I am starting to review Android Apps on my Nexus. Specifically game apps. I thought this would be a good way for me to make consistant content for the TechBrothers Project. I’ll be writing reviews for these apps too, and be posting them here on this blog.

If you leave a comment here in the blog, with a request for a game, I will most likely get to it. Especially if the game is free. If all goes well for this idea, I will get games for other devices too. Like a Windows 8 Tablet, or an iPad, if I ever decide to get one.
Hopefully this project will go well.

I need to find an editor, that can edit out the background noise. I doubt Windows Movie Maker could do it. Maybe iMovie, but those reviews suck right now.

Please share this post. It will help me out tremendously. Thank you.


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