What I think about the Apple vs Samsung Verdict

It happened a few days ago. The end result for the Apple suing Samsung for patents that Apple had, that Samsung violated. This story has been out for a while now, and I’m just writing about it now, to share my thoughts on the juries decision.

First off, there are three sides to this decision.
1 You don’t care
2 You agree with Apple
3 You agree with Samsung

As for me taking sides, you should know by the end.

The patents that Apple is suing for, or, some of the main patents is that Samsung has made their tablet in the shape of a rectangle, with curved edges. To some people this is the most stupid thing ever, but it is a patent. And Apple had their patent on it. I think it may be a little too broad, because a rectangle with curved edges could be anything. Heck, even a block of cheese you see at Aldi. They could go more into depth with a patent like this. Something like “A rectangle with curved edges, made of aluminum, on this degree of an angle.”

Something like that would make more sense. I think when a company makes a patent, it should not be broad at all. It should always be as specific as possible. Because restricting other companies from making something along the broudity of what Apple patents is a bit hard. I guess Samsung could have made a tablet with sharp corners, but maybe another company had that patented. So getting into the specific details is a good thing, because it gives other companies more freedom to make something else.

There is negativity on the internet against Apple. People are saying that Apple is going to try to demolish every other company so they can rule the market. I don’t think that is ever going to happen. Though, Apple may be a high profit company with the small market they have, not everyone would change to a Mac, just because they would not pay a high price for an Apple product. The reason that the Kindle Fire sold so good because it was a cheep product that was well worth the money.

What do I think? I think that Apple has patents, just like every other company. They saw an opportunity to sue, to get money, and they took it and won. The case was stupid, and Apple could have left it alone. But they didn’t, and now a lot of people hate the company for what they did. But it was a patent, and I think they do have the right to defend themselves.

These are just a few of my thoughts. I might post more on this, might not.

Please comment and share this post. It will help me out tremendously.


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