Andro Mario

When looking for a game in the App store, I wanted a classic Mario Game. This was the top choice for the search “Mario”. It turns out that there is no actual Mario games on the Play store. At least from what I can tell. So, I decided to try this game out. From the second I started playing this game, to the second I uninstalled it, it was awful. As you can see if you watch the video, the game is completely glitchy, and not made very well at all. The controls are optimized well for a tablet, because you have the buttons you need for a Mario game, but with all the other glitches, I would not recommend this game to anyone. I will be looking for other classic games like this, and trying them out. I hope I can find a good classic game.

Game: Mobile Andrio
My Rating: 1/5
Play Store Rating: 4.5/5


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