Temple Run Review

Temple run is a very simple game where you are running away from evil monkeys through this temple. There are turns you have to make, and obstacles you have to avoid, by using the sensor on your device to move left and right. The game is overall really good for most of the platforms I have used, but when it comes to using the Android to play this game, your experience will vary. On my nexus 7 from the video, its all positive review, except for the fact that iOS has a newer update for the game than Android, as of now. For some of the bigger devices that I have used, Like my previous Galaxy Tab the game experience sucked. I felt as if for the Galaxy Tab, the game was less responsive, and more glitchy.
From time to time, the game would mess up, and make me fail at something that was not my fault. For example, I get the boost which makes me run fast, and when it should be turning me, it does the oposite, and make me fall into the water. This may be fixed in a future update, but I feel as with the smaller screen devices, the game experience gets better. 

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