Tablet Games – HORN

At the Google I/O this year in 2012, they announced the new tablet the Nexus 7. While showcasing the tablet they played 2 games on the tablet to show the amazing graphics that the tablet can handle, and the great experience one will have playing games on this tablet.

One of the games they showcased was the game called Horn. This game is made my Phosphor games, who also make another game that I played, but had to delete because of space on my tablet. This games is called Dark Meadow.
Horn, as you might be able to see from my first experience playing this game, I was amazed by the graphics of this game. I even compared it to the Xbox 360 graphics saying that the graphics are just as good. You have to remember that this is on a Tablet, and I am seriously comparing this to a console. But… Phosphor games does make excellent games on tablets, that are really side by side with console games.

This game is perfectly optomized for the tablet. As you can see, it’t not like other games where you have to use a touch joystick to move around, but in this game, you use the environment to move yourself around. Not only does this give you better movement, it makes things much easier for the gamer to play the game, and use other features like fighting a better experience, rather than just tapping a button to swing a sword.

Another thing you can tell from the video, is that this game really seems to have a story line. This is another reason to compare this game to console games because like with most games in the play store, they don’t have a story. Games without stories are just not as fun in my opinion, because I can loose interest very fast. But this game, it has a story, which will keep me playing the game. Maybe for hours at a time. And any game on a tablet that can keep your interest for that long, is known to be a success.

I got this game for $0.25 in the play store. Google is celebrating their 25 Billion Apps downloaded, and by that, making some great apps like this one, $0.25. I’ts well worth it, because a game like this can easily go for $6.99.

It’s an excellent game. 5/5. Keep up the great work Phosphor games.


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