FUSE is my engineering club at my high school. Last year the club was called YouSTEM, but the teacher who runs the club thought that we needed a better name. Names are not a big thing, but what is important is the offerings that are available with this club.

I know I have been lacking on making blogs lately, and I am hoping to get more post out there, and now that the club is back up, I can be definitly be making at least 2 – 3 blog post a week.

So to start off, there are so many new offerings at this club than there were last year. We have so many new challenges this year, including Motorola Watches, 3-D printers, lazer courses, and some chemical project. I’m looking forward to trying out new challenges in the club.

Last week Motorola Mobility was at my school, and they were helping us with creating a new user interface for their watches they make. And this is what I wanna focuce on this post, because the other meetings we had, it was mostly information coming towards us, and nothing you readers will care about.
The goal of the watch challenge was to fix the problems with the graphic design that Motorola has created for us. The pictures had a problem with them; for example a blue background, with blue numbers showing the time. Blue on Blue, makes it hard to tell the time, which makes it a bad interface. We had to fix this probelm. What I did was I changed the blue time text to a solid color of blue. This made the color really dark, and much easier to see the time, even over a flashlight (representing the sun).

The next part was mirroring the image from the computer to the watch. I forget what we used to mirror the image, but it wasn’t that great, and not as simple to use as I would have expected.

After this level, it was late, and time to go. The next level is where I will get started with making my own interface image for the watch and be installing it on the watch. This will be posted next Tuesday possibly.


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