Today was the start of a good day at FUSE engineering club. Earlier in the morning, I was dissapointed to hear that my friend wont be coming today, (Which I expected him not to come in the first place) but anyway, I still go because there are other people in the club to socialize with.

I didn’t want to start a new challenge today, but instead I wanted to learn a new software that I was watching a peer play around with the past Tuesday. Jonah, was playing around with a software called AutoCon, which is a inventor like app, where you can create 3 Dimentional objects and have them printed out. I showed up today with the intention of tinkering around with new software, to get a learning experience to create something cool using the software.
But being aproached my teacher, suggesing that we use AudoDesk Inventor instead of AutoCon, for two reasons. One being that the software is much easier to use than Autocon. Things are much easier to remember, and the design is simpler. Another reason being that for my IED (Intro to Engineering Design) class, we will get a heads up learning the software before the rest of the class. I love to be ahead of the class. I remember in Freshman year of High School, I completed a project in 1 day, that took the rest of the class 2 weeks. I did spend a lot of time on it in one day, but I had no worries about doing anything else with the project because it was already done. This is an example why I like to be ahead of the class. Another being that if another student needs help with something, I may be able to help them, because I am already fimilar with the software.

So, today I started learning the Software. After about an hour using the software, I was getting the hang of the software. I knew how to build a basic design using the basic functions, to create what my ultimate goal is to be. I am building a keychain Android Bot. It’s going to be very small, because of the small 3-D printer we have at my school, but eventually I am hoping that the school gets a bigger and better printer.

I asked the club founder about student software that I can get for free. It’s amazing that just because I am a student, I have so many opportunities to use what the school uses, even on my own computer. The software that originally cost $500.00 I can have a free student subscription. Now, when I get the software, and get really fimilar with it, I may be making video tutorials.

Tech Brothers Update
A little update that I want to share with you. I don’t feel like having a channel dedicated to the tech brothers is working out. I feel it is inconviente to have 2 youtube channels, trying to connect it into one. So for now on, I will be uploading videos on my main Youtube channel, with my name: Curtis Coburn.
Other videos will be posted, and so much more on my Google Plus page. So, remember to put me in a circle for the best information. Thank you.


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