Sometime Will be Building a Windows 8 Computer

For the passed many months now, I have been wanting a new computer. At first, I wanted a new iMac. But it later hit me, that a expensive computer like that is not something I need. Sure it will look cool, but for everything I do (which is mainly internet) a Mac is way beyond my budget. So, that’s when I knew I should be getting a Windows computer.

But then came the idea of me building the computer itself. I will know all the parts in the machine, and it will be a fun first time experience to build a computer. So, this is what I wanted to do, and it’s been in my mind that I will be building a computer when I have enough money. Well for some time now, I have had more than enough money. I have been dynamically figuring out what I NEED and not just what I want. For me, all I need is mid ranged computer. There’s no way I will need to be doing high end editing, or crazy things a lot of people do on youtube. I need a basic computer, and even the machine I am writing on now can do 100% of the things I want it to. And this is a $350 computer, so you know it’s nothing special.

The price I want for the Windows 8 computer itself is no more than $550 – $600. Must remember that that price is for hardware only. I am hoping that I can buy Windows 8 on Amazon, as I do have almost $100 on my Amazon account in gift cards. So, that’s $100 I don’t have to worry about. But then comes the monitor. I am really hoping that the price for touch screen monitors is going to come down, as it will soon become a standard for computers to have touch screen monitors. I’m looking to get one for about $150 – $200.
I know that sounds a bit cheep, I probably will get a more expensive one, but I will be getting a smaller screen. Not something that is 27 inches, because that will result in discomfort when using the computer for long periods of times, because of the extra movement I will have to do because of a bigger screen.

And there that goes, that completes my idea of myself building a computer. I hope to have this built by December, because I probably will wait for prices of touch screen monitors to go down a bit.

As for the components of the build, that is undecided.


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