My Experience Using Windows 8 Today

Today was the first time using Windows 8. I have been really excited for Windows 8 for a while, and I was looking forward to using it today. So I called up my friend and asked him if he wanted to go to Best Buy with me. He said sure.

Best Buy is the closest place to me where I can use different computers. Every time I walk into Best Buy, I always walk out disappointed. Now, this is not a hating post. I’m still very excited for Windows 8, but my experience with Best Buy is generally bad.

When going in there today, I was surprised to see that all but one of their touch screen computers had Windows 7 on it. There were only two computers with Windows 8 on them. One a touch screen computer and another a laptop. The rest were Windows 7 computers. That doesn’t mean that they need every computer to have Windows 8, but at least dedicate all the display touch screen computers with Windows 8. That way people can use Windows 8 the way it is suppose to be used.

Another thing was the employees there. Not one of them asked me if I needed anything, even while I was walking around the computer section, confused as to where to find a Windows 8 touch screen computer. None of them made eye contact to me. Not only that, there was this one employee walking around, walked passed me about a dozen times. I thought he was disrespectful. He was not doing his job, and he was on his phone, just walking around. I don’t know about others, but I expect employees to be nice, ask people if they need help, and not do other things on the job.

Once I finally found the computer, I felt like it was isolated from the full experience of Windows 8. I know that Windows 8 is much more than what they display. The computer I was using was cut off from the internet, along with a dozen other computers. Most of the Apps that were already installed on Windows 8 were internet apps. Things like Amazon, Kindle, and Internet Explorer. So there was very few things I can do with the computer to see if I like it.

I liked the touch experience with Windows 8. The computer I used was some HP computer. I felt it was really responsive to the point where I didn’t notice that it was actually that good. Although I would want something maybe a bit more powerful than that computer. Something with a quad core, with core 6 GB of Ram. Something I didn’t like was when I was trying to close an app, by starting at the top and swiping down, the app would not close. It would get smaller, and then just go back into the bigger form. To close it, I had to use the mouse, and that closed it.

Overall, I liked the experience with the touch. But really did not like the experience going to best buy. Employees are awful, their marketing strategy sucks, and it’s just never been a pleasant experience when I go there. If you are looking for a Windows 8 computer. I really recommend you go to the source. Get to a Microsoft Store.


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