What I Think About Developers

This post was taken from another one of my websites. I’d rather have them all here.

As I state in the video in the link. I believe that developers generally try harder to make a iOS app than the do with Android. Take Google Books for an example. Google Books is great on iOS. You have a dictionary, you could take notes, highlight, and even share the book. While for a long time on Android, you could not do a lot of those things. Until a few weeks ago where Google greatly improved it for Android. 
Another example of this would be just the basic Apps installed on iOS devices vs Android devices. The Android calendar is not even linked to your Google Account, but the calendar with iOS is linked to your Google account. All the events I make on iOS is just right there when I need to check it. But with android, it’s not in there. 
Another one would be the Google Contacts. iOS does not have a app for that, but Google does with it’s Android. But it sucks. It’s very sloppy, especially how it tries to make a contact out of every person I follow on Google Plus. That is the most annoying thing. When you try to edit a contact, it makes a new one, and places it in another group, and it does not link up to your Google account.
There are other developers, but I just saw Google as a target today. Coming from the Google Fanboy. Check out the video.


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