Windows 8 Now or Later?

Windows 8 is right around the corner. Tomorrow is the big release of the big, new revolutionary operating system from Microsoft. This has been long known of, and Microsoft is taking a big risk by revolutionizing the way we use computers. In my opinion, I really am looking forward to this update. But I’m not going to rush out there and get a new touch screen computer with Windows 8 just yet. I’ve written this article to share both the reasons why you might want to rush out there and get the newest technology from Microsoft, and why I don’t think its such a great idea to get it now.

Check out my article to why I’m not Getting Windows 8 right away.

Reasons To Get It Now
  1. You have the money. – You have the money for a new computer, or monitor to experience the full Windows 8 operating system, with touch and everything.
  2. You can’t wait to get your fingers on it. – You really are excited to try out the newest things from Microsoft, and you just want to be one of the first to experience Windows 8.
  3. You live highly in the Microsoft Ecosystem, and having this will benefit you from the start. This means you use a lot of Microsoft’s products including Hotmail, Word, Xbox, Live, and things like that. 
Reasons To Wait
  1. You Don’t have the money. – Windows 8 is not going to be a cheap investment. Sure it’s going to cost you less than $100 if you are getting it on a computer you already own, but what are the chances that you own a Touch Screen computer? Probably not. So your experience will not be as great because you are missing out on the touch experience, so you would need to get a touch screen monitor or computer, which are not cheap at all.
  2. You would rather wait. Just in case. We don’t know what’s going to happen with Windows 8 yet. We can’t be sure if it is going to be a huge success, or a Vista. You are unsure of where the Market is going to be with Windows 8, and what new things are going to come.
  3. You don’t live in the Microsoft Ecosystem at all. – Chances are, if you are a Mac user, you won’t want Windows 8. While a Mac user, chances are higher that you live more in the Apple Ecosystem. This means you might have an iPhone, or an iPad, and nothing really to do with Microsoft. If this is so, your experience with Windows 8 will not be as good, because you will basically be starting a new online life with a new family. Microsoft.
  4. You don’t want to deal with the learning curve. – If you are a average user, and all you need to do is brows the web, there is no need for you to learn something new, to do the same thing you were previously doing.
  5. What you have is already working. – If you are still one of those people who use Windows XP, you know exactly what I am talking about. What you have is doing everything you need it to do. There is no need to learn something new.


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