Is The Windows 8 Surface Tablet Too Expensive?

Windows RT Surface Tablet Made by Microsoft

Tomorrow Microsoft will be relesing the Windows RT tablet called Surface. The tablet is priced very competitive with other competitors like Apple, and some higher end Android Tablets out there. But is this Surface tablet too much money for consumers? Is this the right start for Microsoft getting into the Tablet game, while being behind for so long? Well, this is all reletive. What may be expensive for you, might be the point I’d be willing to pay for what I need. This all come down to what the user needs, and how it can benefit them.

Here are the prices for the Windows RT Tablet by Microsoft.

Surface RT 32 GB Without a Tocuh Keyboard – $499
Surface RT 64 GB Without a Tocuh Keyboard – $599
Surface RT 64 GB With a Tocuh Keyboard      – $699
Tocuh Keyboard is                                           – $120

Comparing this to an iPad where you get a 16 GB version for the same as a 32 GB version for Surface, I think that this is really competitive. I do think that for some people the Surface tablet will be a better buy for the same price because it does have more memory. Doubleing the space for a tablet, and selling it for the same price as your competitor is a big thing. At leaset for me it it, because the use I have for my Nexus 7 is lot of gaming, and other apps that will use up a lot of space. Users like me will need more storrage, and if they are on a budget, then they will probably be dissapointed that they don’t have more memory.

As for a Tocuh Keyboard/Case, I think this may be a bit over my budget, but then again, you are paying for quality, and the brand. I’m sure you can get this without the keyboard, and there will be other manufactures out there making keyboard/cases for the Surface, and selling them for cheaper than what Microsoft is selling their product for. You do have to think, name brand, or not.

Another great thing about this is that it is made by the same company that makes the operating system. It’s great to have a device, that you know if there is something wrong with it, you know who to blame. (Unless you drop it, then it’s all on you.) Having the company that makes the hardware, make the software too is a great benefit, because, and I dare say it, much like Apple and their ecosystem of devices. Everybody knows what an iPhone is, and people can easily reconize the exact device it is, just because there is only one of them. (Sure different versions, but overall the same product – iPhone is a iPhone, made by Apple, all iPhones are made by Apple.)
It’s also great because you will not have other companies slap on their skin for the device, by having more Apps you don’t want, or another App store for Apps that they want to sell you. It’s the pure experience you get out of the device. The way is should be. Not to say that others are bad. They aren’t, and in fact, they can be great, because you also get more choice.

What are some drawbacks to this? Well, if all you want to do is get online, surf the web, play light games, and connect with your friends on your favorite social network, then… You might want to consider something a bit cheaper, like the Google Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD, or possibly the iPad Mini. All those devices are great for doing the basic applications most users will need. That is why the cheaper tablet have done so well in the past. People don’t need something high priced, power horse.


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