What’s The Difference Between Windows 8 and Windows RT?

This Friday will be the release of the Surface tablets from Microsoft. They will be running a version of Windows called Windows RT. Windows RT is a flavor of Windows that is made for mobile devices, as a lighter version of Windows. Microsoft did this to make a cheaper version of the operating system so it can run on many other devices that will be released from other computer manufactured like Samsung, Asus, Levono, and Dell. This mobile operating system may not be for everybody. If you are in the market for a more powerful tablet as your main computer, you are best to wait a few months until January when the Windows 8 Tablets come out. So what’s the difference between the two?
Windows RT is a version of Windows made for more devices that other computer manufactures will make. It is a lighter version of Windows, so it can be made with cheaper hardware for the basic user who just wants to have a tablet and be part of the Microsoft ecosystem. This version is good for anyone who doesn’t need to use any of the benefits of the upcoming Windows 8 tablets in January. 
Windows 8 tablets are the full thing of Windows 8 built into a tablet. Now when the new Windows 8 tablets come out, they will be more expensive, due to the probable better hardware in the tablet. Running the full version a user can run software from other operating systems like Windows 7, Vista, and even EP. The higher end software included, like Adobe Photoshop, Elements, and other powerful software. This is desktop software running on a tablet. Something amazing, because iPads are not even running something as powerful as that. 
So which one is right for you?
If you are just the average user, and you don’t need desktop software on a tablet, because you have it all on your current machine, then I would suggest the Windows RT version because you will get it sooner, and be saving money. You will not be spending money on something that you don’t need, nor will probably ever use. 
But if you are a higher end user, like owning a business, and you want to be connected to the computer at all times, even on the go, the Windows 8 tablet will be great for you. You get to run all the software you need on it, even on the go. This could possibly replace your laptop, and possibly your desktop. If you are also a power user, this Windows 8 will be a good choice for you too. I’m sure there will be different models of the tablets, with different specs. Especially because this tablet is made by other computer companies, I an see this tablet having some really powerful specs, for those users who like to game, or will be doing really power consuming task on the tablet. 

I wrote another article as to which one I will be getting. Check it out here.

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