I Bought Surface

Today was a highlight of my day. I though about it long and hard to this decision, I made a Pro and Con’s list to really see the insight to if the Marginal Benefits overcome the Marginal Cost. The cost for getting Surface was less than the ways I can benefit from Surface, which in conclusion, I bought Surface.

I have the whole process documented on camera, as I thought that it would make a good video, talking about the tablet before hand actually recieving the tablet. My brother was there with me as a witness. Please feel free to watch the video.

I’ll later be doing an unboxing of the Touch Keyboard (Cyan Blue) and be uploading it to this blog as well as my Youtube Channel. So subscribe to this blog & my Youtube channel for a garantee update.
I’ll also be producing many videos about Surface. Not a crappy review that most people on Youtube are giving where they give the specs, and say it has a keyboard and a kickstand. I’ll upload many videos, documenting my first impressions, and experiences with the tablet; and letting the world know about my views.



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