My Experience With Windows RT

Today was the first time I ever went to a Microsoft store. Today was also the first time I got to experience the new Windows RT tablet, Surface. To be completely honest, I’m not totally sold on Windows RT. When I first played eyes on the tablet, my impression of the tablet was that it is very big, but for its size, it was light weight. I got to do everything on the tablet that I wanted to try with it. From internet explorer to the games. I’ll break down what I did today.

When I saw the video by Chris Pirillo of his unboxng of the Surface Tablet, I got to see with my own eyes the actual tablet. The video had a lot of bad things in there about the tablet, not the video itself, but it really showed off the tablet for both it’s good and bad. First off the gaming had awful frame rates; even for a simple game like Cut The Rope. Comparing this with my Nexus 7, the little tablet can handle more than the giant Surface tablet with some very high end gaming experience. Now, sense then, Microsoft has release an update that helps with the frame rate with gaming, but still when I was playing the game there, Fruit Ninja to be specific, when I got to around the 200-300 fruit line, the game was lagging to the extent where I was missing some fruit.
The next thing I wanted to try was using the keyboard to write out some documents. The touch keyboard was something really new with this tablet, and I liked the design of the keyboard. The keyboard itself is something I am not really used to, but I believe that it is something that I can actually get used to if I were to practice with it more. I actually prefer the traditional keyboard to the touch keyboard because for me I am faster with that one.
The only way I found that I can make a word document was by using Microsoft Word 2013, in the desktop application. For me, I didn’t like this too much, because trying to use touch with the desktop application just doesn’t do it for me at all. I feel like everything is crammed into the page, giving me no room to hit the buttons I need to hit to make the proper adjustments to the document that I need to make.
But I think the problem I was having with this was that I was trying to use touch on a desktop layout. I should have been using the trackpad with the touch keyboard by moving the curser. That’s why I do believe that is there.
Today I didn’t get much time to try out the tablet. I didn’t get to write this blog post out fast enough for me to remember everything. If only I had a Surface with a keyboard with me at all times…

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