Apple Last In The Advertisement Game

Advertisement is a big part in reaching the world about a new product to tell consumers to “Come buy this product.” As we seen in the last few commercials on Television Apple had made some not so good TV advertisements, while Google and Microsoft had made users actually want the product, unlike feeling like a moron with the Mac Genius. Here are the Mac Genius videos listed below of a Mac Genius commercial.

These videos are not ment to actually make Mac users feel like morons, but to show other people that using a Mac is much easier than anything else. An impression I recieve while watching these videos is that a Mac Genius can answer any questions any user might have. Wheather it would be a simple “How do I edit a video?”, so something more complex like “How do I run a server?” I do believe that was Apple’s goal in the Advertisement, but most people would have looked at this the wrong way.

What Microsoft has done, however, they have gone above and beyond with advertiseing their Surface tablet to another level. In this video below, the first advertisement showcasing the tablet back in June, was advertisement on another level. While Apple was going on about how easy a Mac is to use, or braggin about the small detials of the new display of the iPad, Microsoft took a different approach to this, and turned up the base, added a few happy dancing people with the tablet, and showed off the main differenced between this and the iPad; which are the kickstand, touch keyboard, and the modern UI.
During this video, they said nothing, they didn’t tell you anything about the tablet, and I think they did this, because with advertisement, it’s sometimes better to not say anything and just get people hyped for something with cool music, and great affects, even barly showcasing the tablet itself.

The last competior is this Advertisement is Google. They took a different approach to advertisement, by actually showing people what is possible with their Nexus 7 tablet. Unlike Apple, where they brag about the new iPad, and it’s amazing display, or Microsoft dancing to cool music, Google decided to show users what can be done.
I do believe that this was one of the strongest advertisements on TV for tablets because, I can see, and even feel a connection between me and the actors in the commercial. I can vision myself using the tablet, talking to it, watching movies, and seeing my family on video chat. When advertisers can make people have a connection to what they are advertising, they can have a huge advantage in selling their product. 
So, why do I believe that Apple is last? While, this is because I don’t believe with the passed commercials that the videos were strong. They made users feel dumb, and when they talk about the tablet, they talk about one specific detial for the whole video. Where as Microsoft is able to get me hyped up with a techno beat, and it’s really fun watching some people dance with tablets.
Google was able to show me what such a tablet is capable of and how it can relate to my life and my uses.

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