Developers! Developers! Developers!

This is a big year for Microsoft. Microsoft is visioning the way we compute, and changing it completely. They are heading away from the desktop, and moving to a Modern UI. Still there is a desktop for the software than needs it most like Photoshop, and video editing. A major thing that I am really excited about it the way software will be sold. I love the idea of Microsoft having their own software store where developers can publish their own software on the store for a profit. Developers are what Microsoft is aiming for. They want people to develop apps, and software on their computers, because they know it will bring them money, and more people will want to use a Windows based computer.

Becoming a developer is very easy actually. It’s as easy as filling out a form and sending it to Microsoft for permission to publish. Then you can develop. This is the part that interest me. Microsoft provides software for you to develop software for them. Microsoft Visual Studio is a very powerful Windows software that can be used to create Windows Apps on Windows RT/8. All you need to know is some coding like C# and you can become a developer.

I am in a class for Visual Basic, and what I really want to do is make a Windows RT based app, and have it in the Windows store. I’m a beginner, and I know that this class will not make me a professional. Not will I even be able to use this class to make a app because you do need Visual Studio 2012. This is made for Windows 8, and you need a Windows 8 computer to make apps for Windows 8. It’s legit. I’ll be going off to college next year, and I’ll be sure to take a coding class where it can be useful for Visual Studio, and I will get a Windows 8 computer. They will be at a good price range by then.

I like how Microsoft is doing this. They really want developers, and they are giving you the material needed for it. Now it would be awesome if they can give lessons. Youtube Lessons.


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