I didn’t buy Surface/I’m in Linux/Projects Coming

I did not buy the Surface Tablet. After the order was cancelled by my bank because it was a expensive order the bank was right to block it without me calling first. When that happened, it gave me a chance to think about what I was buying, and more time for the reviews to check up on how people actually like the Surface. It turns out that more people than Lockergnomes Christ Pirillo had trouble with the Surface, and that it is really not worth the money anyone was paying for the tablet.

I sent the keyboard back, and got a full refund to my bank account. Later I got back into Linux, and I think this time I’m back for good. I was considering the Surface because I was experiencing a little Microsoft Fanboyism there, and wanted to get more into the Microsoft community.
I like freedom, and Windows 8/RT does not provide it. Linux is freedom.

Now I am back to wanting to build a computer. I recently got a job, and will be making some money to help for this build. I am hoping to start this build by the end of January. I will researching the parts for some time to see what will be the best for me and my Linux Mint 13 computer.
Steam is coming to Linux, and that means I will be able to play some of the latest games on the computer. I will not need Windows or anything dealing with Windows to play the latest games.

I know I been out a while on this blog, and with the 7,000 views I have here, I want to keep posting. I will be posting more about components to the build.
I also have a secret project in mind, but that will not be coming out until after my build.

Later in 2013, I will hope to have my own website that I build up. I have to learn more about web design, and more about how I can make one, but when I do get one, I probably will not be using Blogger. But this is just thinking out loud. I actually have no idea where I will be in 6 months. So…. Just wait. I have projects coming.


2 thoughts on “I didn’t buy Surface/I’m in Linux/Projects Coming

  1. Make sure you let me know about your website! Good luck with your build.

  2. The website is not for a while. I need to learn web design, PHP, Java, HTML5, and other languages first. Sooo….. not for a while. But in the mean time, Youtube, blogger is really all I need.

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