Project Vishera 6300 I – Overview

What is Project Vishera 6300? You might ask yourself. 
Project Vishera 6300 is a project that I created because I need a new computer. I want to push out content for viewers like you, while also gaining knowledge in what I may want to peruse as my career profession. I love computers, and have never built a computer before, and now is the best time for me to build one. I have all the money I need, and I really want a new computer. Right now, my only computers are a 2006 MacBook slower than a snail, and that is horrible at multi tasking. My other computer is not mine, it’s my grandma’s, and along with that the hardware is not up to date to where I need it to be to play the latest Steam games. 
Oh to mention, I want to get into PC gaming. But this is a different type of gaming you might be thinking about. I will not be installing Windows on this machine. I will be installing Linux Mint 14 on this computer. Yes – I have made the full switch from Windows to Linux, have not used a Windows computer in ages. Linux is able to do a lot of the things that I can do on Windows, but some of it is not as easy as Windows. As of now, there is no software that I can think of, (Other then simple video editing) that I need Windows for. 
I will be building this computer as soon as all my parts arrive, and I will be making a unboxing video for each component, as well as a installation tutorial for each component. This will provide me with so much more content for the channel, as well as this blog. I will try to make these videos more then just opening a box like many other tech channels out there; in fact, I will be doing complete overviews giving all the information I know about the product. I want to do this because many tech channels just open a box, and they are all the same. So, with my future unboxings, I will give out overviews, and if I can my first impressions. 
After Project Vishera 6300, I want to continue to do something like it. But with a catch 😛 Stay tuned; and you might want to hit that “Follow this blog” button on the right to help me out, as well as Subscribe to my Youtube channel, and Follow me on Google Plus.

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