What’s on my Mac?

Here this is. A computer I am not a big fan of. In fact, Project Vishera is the result of this computer in some reasons. Now this is not review of the Macbook but if you  want what I experience with Apple read this post. My Mac, due to it’s slowness, I don’t have much things installed on it, because I can’t run much things on it at a certain time. Even Youtube is too powerful for this computer, and I feel somewhat held back from doing work, or persuing what I want to do in life by this computer. That’s why Project Vishera comes in. It’s my perfect taste in computers running Linux, a true workhorse.

The few apps that I use with my Mac are
     Firefox. I always have my Mac on, to get to the things I need to fast. Shutting down the computer and starting it back up everything takes much time, and I would rather just have it on, and use it when I need it. Don’t worry, it sleeps. Though I can’t do work and play Pandora at the same time, because the Mac can’t handle it, and it slows down dramatically, It’s still good for text based websites. This is something one might expect from a old computer, Mac or Windows. But Not Linux 🙂

Mail. Though I do not like the experience with this app, because it’s not as fast as the web; because it makes extra steps to do things like putting a Email in a folder, there’s seriously like 10 steps to do something like this. It’s unfregginbelieveable. Though, for the basic writing and reading Email, Mail works just fine. But when I have a lot of it, and need it in folders, then I go for the web.

Skype – Though I don’t use this often, because there is not many people I contact on Skype, I might use skype sometimes to connect with Facebook friends, but other then that, it will not be used.

Other Apps I (Might) use on my Mac.

That’s just about it. I can’t wait for Project Vishera.


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