Antec Three Hundred Gaming Computer Case

The Antec Three Hundred Gaming Computer case is a computer case that is being used for the Project Vishera build. This case, at first was not my first choice. I was looking for some more exotic computer cases at first, with a see thru window for a cheap price. I went with this less appealing case because of the quality in the case. I read the reviews of this case, and the vast majorly of the owners of this case were positive reviews.

     I had to make a choice between quality or the looks, and to me, the quality is what drew me in. Especially at the price that the case was selling for at the time. Selling at just $55.00 with free shipping, I had a pretty good deal. Especially, that this is something that will not have to be upgraded for a while. A computer case is something that I can keep on using for a long while as I keep making upgrades to the components inside the computer.

The Antec Three Hundred Gaming Computer Case comes with 2 fans already installed on the fan, and has options for three additional fans that can be added to the case. There are 2 fans on the front

which will take in air, cooling the system, and there are 2 fans (That came with the case) on the top, and back top which will release the hot air in the computer case. There is also one additional fan on the side panel linked to the door to get to the components.

The case also comes with six drive bays for 3.5 IN Hard Drives. But the case does not come with any brackets for SSD’s; so if you are looking for a SSD to go into this system, please remember to get the brackets that will hold the SSD into place.

The case has three bays for 5.25 IN drives. Here you can install a CD/DVD drive, or a drawer as some people actually like to do that. But for my intended use of this computer, I do not intend to use this area. Installing Linux by way of USB is easy nowa days.

Last but not least the case also does come with a small area for cable management. Though that this is a small area, and even with a modular power supply, I found it getting kind of packed very fast.

Overall, I give this computer case a 4.7/5. For the price, and the quality, I know I got a good deal, and I’m glade that I went with this computer case over a low quality exotic case.


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