Xfce First Experience

After the Project Vishera 6300 build, I had to choose an operating system to use with this computer. Linux was a for sure, but at the time, I was uncertain of what the right one would be for me. I knew I wanted to stay in the Ubuntu Universe because they lead the desktop industry for Linux. They have so much great software already available for Linux, and Valve is mainly focusing on Ubuntu for now to release Steam for it’s platform.

At first I thought that the regular Ubuntu 12.04 was just going to settle. I was getting tired of the Unity environment, but I was not aware of many others that I may have liked. The ones I tried in the passed were KDE, Gnome, Cinnamon, Unity, and one text based environments.

When I first looked at Xfce on a Youtube video, I thought I wouldn’t really like it too much because it looked a bit like Gnome. I’m not really a fan of Gnome, so I didn’t think I would like the Xfce environment. But oh boy, when I got on this one, I swear… I couldn’t get off this.

To put this short and to the point, Xfce is the most beautiful, polished, and easiest to use environments I have every tried. I have tried many other operating systems, and Xfce with Ubuntu Studio has got to be, by far one of the best computing experiences I have ever had.

I know many people might think OS X is the simplest, and most beautiful operating system, but they may have not tried anything like this before; and I will encourage more people to use this environment. Especially encourage more and more people to switch to Linux.

The things I really liked with this operating system was that it was simple without throwing too much at me without me even knowing how to do any of it. KDE does this. KDE can do a lot of cool things, especially with it’s plasma desktop, 3-D effects, and much more cool things, but that is not something that I am always wanting to see every time I go in for a transition.

With Xfce, they make easy to do transitions, and it’s all intuitive. Though there is no cool effect when you do it, it’s still doing what you need done, very easily, just by you guessing what it will do. For example. If I want to move a window to another desktop, almost like another monitor, I do just that. Pretend there is another monitor to my right, I just move the windows there, and it’s there. The windows will move to the other workspace. – In my previous distribution of Linux, it was not this simple. You had to manually go into the other workspace and create the windows you wanted. It took more time.

Another thing I really like about this operating system is that there is a task bar on the bottom. Just like in OS X, and this is here by default. When I am not using this, it is hidden, and when I need to get a very important app up and running, it’s there for me on the bottom, and I will not have to go back into the start menu to get what I need.

Getting to the smaller detail, I like how minimal this distribution is. It’s not cluttered with things I do not need. This operating system gives me everything I need and it’s all here. This desktop environment is perfect for me, and I will find it hard to find something better then this one.


2 thoughts on “Xfce First Experience

  1. Glad you enjoyed your experience with XFCE. It is really light-weight and would be great on an older PC or laptop in face I am running it with Cinnamon on top on my 2007 laptop. What did you think of Cinnamon, by the way? I enjoy using it quite a bit.

    • Before I discovered Xfce, I was going to install Cinnamon on my computer. Linux Mint, but I just fell in love with Ubuntu Studio.

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