PC Build & Giveaway

IndieGogo Link:

     I have recently launched this project that I have been thinking of for quite some time now. This project does not have a name just yet, as someone who contributes to the project will be able to name the project.

My Bio

So for starters my name is Curtis Coburn. I’m very interested in computer components, and building computers. Recently, I have finished my first built computer that I names “PRoject Vishera”, and I’m running on this computer right now. I enjoy making videos about computer components, and sharing my geekery for computers with the world.

My Inspiration

I came up with this project after seeing UnboxTherapy’s “UGPC” or “The Ultimate Gaming PC” which is a computer that he crowd-funded, raising over $5,000 for a single build computer. And the best part about that, is that he is giving away the computer to some lucky winner. He has inspired me to do similar things like that, but of course starting out a bit smaller. I enjoy building computers, and I think that this project is a excellent way to build myself up as a Youtuber/Blogger to share my interest with the world.

The Build

During this build on this project, I will be filming everything. I will make an unboxing video of each component, and going over the specs of the component. After the unboxing of all the components, then I will start the installation videos of the computer showcasing how to install each part. Sort of like a tutorial on how to build a computer. What the computer is all set, I will install the operating system, connect it to my monitor, and see it roarrr.
So lets back up a bit now. If this project becomes successful we are going to need to choose the components. After subtracting the fees from IndieGogo and Paypal, and making a reasonable shipping price, we can work with a budget for the computer. Thie means, that some of the people who contributed to this campaign will be able to help choose the components for the computer build. Somehow we will all get together online, and collaborate with each other to choose the components for this computer. When we all agree on all the components, I will find the best place to buy them at, and from there, getting the components and building the computer.

The Team

The computer will be built/filmed my me, (Curtis Coburn). My friend Jalen Sopes will be the lead designer of the logo for this computer. The lucky perk contributor who gets to name this computer will have that name made into a logo.

The Giveaway!

For this giveaway, the winner must be a resident of the US. Based on budget for shipping international, it would be too much money leaving not much money left for components. The winner will be selected from the list of contributors. Based on how many contributors there are, I will get a random number between 1 and how ever many contributors there are, and from a randomizing website, I will go that many people down the list, until the lucky winner is chosen.


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