Asus Monitor

The Asus VS229 monitor is a great quality monitor, considering that I got it on Amazon for the cheap price using my Amazon gift cards. I got this used, and by watching the video, the monitor looks like it has been refurbished because it comes with all the original parts that any monitor would have. The plastic wrapping is still on the screen and all the parts, and it comes very well packaged. Almost as if this monitor has not been used at all.

Unboxing this monitor, thou did make my room a mess, and I tripped, (Laugh here) I was glade to know that from Amazon, it came with everything.

What else can I say? I chose this monitor over the VS-227 because the VS-229 supports IPS, which I am told that it has a better refresh rate than the previous model. I just went with this because it is the newer model of the VS series, so, there must be something better about it. I guess that would be IPS.

The monitor is a 21.5 inch monitor
It is a slim form factor monitor, so there is less desk space taken up.
It has a energy saving LED back light with 50,000,000:1 Asus Smart Contract Ratio
Asus Splendid video Intelligence Technology
EPEAT Gold Certified
178 Degree wide viewing angle powered by IPS

10.5 Pounds (Shipping)


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