Microsoft’s Surface Movement Mistakes

About a week ago, I was talking with my friend about the Surface pro. I told him that I think it would be cool to have one because this is what Microsoft intends to be the future of their computers. I actually am one who likes the concept Microsoft has for computers for the future. I think that something like the Surface Pro would be great for me as a student going to college next year. It’s a light, but very powerful device, with a keyboard and the great software that Microsoft offers; all in one device. But Microsoft continues to make mistakes like this that is seriously setting themselves up for corporate suicide.

Priced a $899 for a 64Gb surface pro, you get an amazing design for a table like computer. The great thing about this is that there is a full desktop operating system built into the device, meaning you can run all the windows software you want, along with the apps you want to install from the growing windows store. You have the best of both worlds. You also get a powerful i5 Intel chip in the tablet. None of what I ever seen in a tablet before. But this all comes at a cost. And that is windows 8 itself.

The operating system uses up a lot of power, meaning that the surface will only operate on battery for up to 4 hours. This device being marketed into business is unacceptable. Businesses need to have the device run longer than that in order to operate. That’s why I see many companies use the iPad.

The operating system also takes up way too much space. Microsoft advertises the two devices to have 64Gb and 128Gb options, but they are hiding what most companies hide anyway. The operating system along with all the apps installed will take up a total of 41Gb. This takes a serious hit for those people who will be paying the price tag only to have little room for people to store new software.

As I said, I like the concept that Microsoft has for our future computers. It’s a new way to compute. But I think that Microsoft is doing it wrong with all the mistakes they are making.


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